JTI Romania launched the first product based on tobacco heating

English Section / 29 septembrie

Alexander Pitchka, General Manager of JTI Romania, Moldova and Bulgaria

Alexander Pitchka, General Manager of JTI Romania, Moldova and Bulgaria

JTI Group wants to invest 2 billion euros in products with low risk potential The company has been present on our market for 30 years

Versiunea în limba română

JTI Romania launched, yesterday, Ploom X - its first product with low risk potential (based on tobacco heating, not burning). It will be available, for now, in a number of stores in Bucharest, as well as online.

Alexander Pitchka, General Manager of JTI Romania, Moldova and Bulgaria, said during yesterday's event: "The launch of Ploom X confirms JTI's commitment to invest in innovative products, taking into account consumer requirements and expectations. It is a debut of the plans we proposed for the products with low risk potential and we have great ambitions to increase the market share in the heated tobacco category. The launch of Ploom X in Romania is a landmark in this journey. We have a solid foundation for the successful growth of JTI in a country where the company celebrates its 30th anniversary and we want to create moments of satisfaction for consumers, as well as a better future for them and for the society in which we work".

JT Group plans to invest over 300 billion yen (about 2 billion euros) in low-risk products globally, especially in the heated tobacco category, according to representatives of the cigarette manufacturer, in the period 2023-2025. Romania is the tenth country where JTI launches Ploom, after Japan, Great Britain, Italy, Portugal, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Switzerland, Poland and Hungary, the device will be present in 30 countries around the world.

The cited sources explained that Ploom X is different from traditional cigarettes because it only heats the tobacco, without burning it: "HeatFlow technology not only ensures optimal heat distribution in seconds, but also generates a richer flavor." The device has no visible buttons and works through an innovative IntuiTouch system. The LED indicator shows, among other things, when the device is ready for use and when it needs to be charged. The Ploom X is designed to provide five-minute sessions, regardless of the number of puffs, and the device's battery, fully charged, ensures the use of more than 20 stocks of heated tobacco and can be easily recharged using a USB-C connection. The new product is available in five colors: Black, Silver, Champagne Gold, Slate Gray and Navy Blue.

Ploom X is made in China, but the design and branding are JTI's own, according to Alexander Pitchka, who noted that the special Sobranie refills, created exclusively for Ploom and containing an ActivBlend tobacco blend, are imported from the factory in Poland, for now.

JTI celebrates 30 years in Romania, being one of the first multinationals established in the country, under the name of R.J. Reynolds. In 1999, RJR became JTI, the largest Japanese company present locally, with investments of over 300 million euros. JTI has more than 1,300 employees in Romania, in the headquarters in Bucharest, in the 34 offices in the country and in the factory, and last year it had a contribution of 1.1 billion euros to the state budget. With operations in over 130 countries and headquartered in Geneva - Switzerland, the JTI company has approximately 46,000 employees, being a member of the Japan Tobacco group.