Local literature, present at the Festival du Livre de Paris

English Section / 11 aprilie

Local literature, present at the Festival du Livre de Paris

Versiunea în limba română

Several domestic books have the opportunity to "see" Paris. Romania will participate, from Friday to Sunday, in the Festival du Livre de Paris, a prestigious international event dedicated to books and literature, organized at the Grand Palais Ephemere and in several other emblematic spaces in Paris and in partner bookstores. Romania's presence with its own stand and a program attended by numerous guests is organized by the Romanian Cultural Institute through the National Book Center and ICR Paris, in partnership with the Ministry of Culture, the Embassy of Romania and the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in Paris. At the 2024 edition, Romania will also be present at the stand of the European Parliament and the EUNIC Paris cluster. The president of the Romanian Cultural Institute, Liviu Jicman, said: "The motto of our presence at the Festival du Livre de Paris represents the invitation we address to everyone to discover works written in Romanian and to meet their authors and translators, as well as others , of French origin, who write about Romania: "I dare, explore, imagine. Voyage dans la litterature roumaine / Dare, explore, imagine! Journey in Romanian literature". This cultural spring is remarkable for Romania and ICR in France, in which, simultaneously with our significant presence in the literary festival, the Brâncuşi retrospective takes place at the Pompidou Center and the CD collection with the recording of Symphonies No. 1 - 3 and Romanian Rhapsodies No. 1 and 2 by George Enescu, performed by the National Orchestra of France, is launched led by Cristian Măcelaru". At Romania's stand, thanks to the partnership with Paris Livres Evenement, the latest French editions of works of fiction and non-fiction, volumes of poetry and comic books, some of them published with the support offered by the ICR through the funding programs "Translation and Publication Support Program" and "Publishing Romania". During the three days of the festival, autograph sessions supported by writers Sylvain Audet-Găinar, Linda Maria Baros, Lorina Bălteanu, Marc Crepon, Golo (Guy Nadaud), Cristian Fulaş, Radu Paraschivescu, Mara Magda Maftei, Mircea Matescot, Andreea Răsuceanu are scheduled , Traian Sandu, Aude Terray and Adrian Voicu. Visitors will also be able to purchase volumes by Raluca Antonescu, Radu Bata, Magda Cârneci, Clara Cernat, Emil Cioran, Rebecca Romeo, Iulian Ciocan, Daniel Corbu, Lelia Dimitriu, Catherine Durandin, Bluma Finkelstein, Benjamin Fondane, Dana Grigorcea, Christel Houee, Doina Ioanid, Jan Mysjkin, Ştefan Lemny, Adrian Lesenciuc, Stejărel Olaru, Dora Pavel, Mihail Sebastian, Simona Sora, Ion Vianu, Matei Vişniec and Beatrice Picon-Vallin. The organizers of the Festival du Livre de Paris announce that this edition, whose guest of honor is Quebec, privileges "crossed and original approaches, exchanges between genres and literary horizons". During the three days of the festival, around 300 publishing houses will be present in the specially chosen space in the center of the City of Lights, where, the initiators propose, the most beautiful panorama of contemporary publishing creation will take shape.

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