Long live Romania!

Long live Romania!

Dan Nicolaie
English Section / 18 iunie

Photos souce: facebook / UEFA EURO 2024

Photos souce: facebook / UEFA EURO 2024

Versiunea în limba română

Dan Nicolaie

The national team taught a football lesson in Germany, and the supporters offered a lesson in love. The "weakest team" from the final tournament, according to the Ukrainians, achieved a victory to remember, both by the winners and the losers.

The first goal was scored before the referee blew the whistle, the way the 40,000 Romanians present at the stadium sang the national anthem moved even the neutrals. There is no doubt, this was the best match of the national team in the last 24 years.

Stanciu, Răzvan Marin and Drăguş wrote their names on the scoreboard, but all the footballers (Nita, Raţiu, Drăguşin, Burcă, Bancu, M. Marin, AD. Rus, Fl. Coman, Mihăilă, R. Marin, Man, I. Hagi, Stanciu, Racoviţan, Drăguş, Puşcaş) who entered the lawn of the stadium in Munich managed to get their names where it matters most: in the hearts of football lovers.

Rightfully criticized for a long time, our players now deserve all the praise, as does Edward Iordănescu, who is his father's son not only in defeats, but also in great victories.

The team has shown since the qualifications that it is ambitious, today it demonstrated, exactly when it should, that it also has value.

Belgium is next, it will be difficult, but the demonstration was done, we are back where it really matters. When the English commentators shout "Magistral" there is no need to contradict them, it was a match played masterfully by some players who far surpassed their condition.

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