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Microscopic popes Ponta and Dăncilă (and maybe others, too)

MAKE (translated by Cosmin Ghidoveanu)
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Microscopic popes Ponta and Dăncilă (and maybe others, too)
MAKE (translated by Cosmin Ghidoveanu)

V.V. Ponta and V.V. Dăncilă have eliminated their traitors from the party (the few members ProRomania and the PSD who voted in support of the appointment of the Orban Cabinet). They are outright stating that they do not support the freedom of opinion in the party, that under the pretext of party discipline, they run those parties in a completely undemocratic manner, the shamelessness of political tyranny becoming a standard inherited from Dragnea, as a separator between new rite PSD members and traditional PSD members.

The normal idea that the traitors didn't actually commit a betrayal, but that they voted according to their convictions, is received with fits of laughter.

This should give us the measure of how politics is viewed - normality is considered foolish nonsense.

Just like the Pope in Vatican makes decisions for all the 1.2 billion Catholics in the world, these smaller popes do the same, some microscopic popes, but with the same universal pretensions in politics.

I've found that journalism and politics represents one and the same issue of eliminating the conscience of journalists and of the politicians, respectively.

The Constitution establishes the right to the free expression of convictions by every citizen, but as soon as a citizen becomes a journalist, the manifestation of their convictions is put on hold, in the name of professional discipline, in favor of "the editorial policy" of that media entity.

Similarly, as soon as a person becomes a party member (at least in the cases of PSD and ProRomania, but it seems to be like that everywhere), they can stick their own political beliefs up their behind, because the "party discipline" makes them moot.

We find ourselves in the paradoxical situation that it is precisely in the professions that by default involve a citizen's vocation and freedom of expressing their own opinions, which is exactly what the constitutional freedoms were created for, that the freedoms paid for in blood are being suppressed!

The fact became striking during the PSD presidency held by Liviu Dragnea, when, because he had a previous conviction, he could not become prime-minister, so the two functions of party leader and head of government, had to be separated from one another, and Dragnea was forced to govern via proxies.

The Constitution says that the Prime Minister is the head of the Government, and they report to the Parliament, with no other subordination.

But that is not what happened.

In reality, Liviu Dragnea wanted to subordinate the prime-minister, under the pretense that the prime-minister needed to abide by the platform of the PSD, where Dragnea was that microscopic Pope who would sanction heretics as he pleased.

It is the reason why he drove away two prime-ministers without a spine, without convictions, without culture and personality, in favor of Viorica Dăncilă, characterized only by ambition and opportunism.

The three governments of the PSD, particularly that of Viorica Dăncilă, have governed unconstitutionally.

Viorica Dăncilă herself said, after the arrest of Liviu Dragnea, that she didn't have the right to do or say anything, for half a year.

A prime-minister that is not allowed to govern is a serious constitutional distortion.

The inhibition of the freedom of expression of individual beliefs, whether in politics or in journalism, is unconstitutional.

That is the political model which has been established - politicians vote the way the party dictates (who is most often the president of the party); the same in the media, journalists write their bosses tell them to.

In both cases, they are doing it out of fear of being fired.

In other words, what Ponta and just Dăncilă did.


Only in the Constitution.

The application of the Constitution, the proclaiming of freedom of convictions and the exercising of democracy are just nonsense.

You know what?... I don't accept this!

Shallow democracy on the outside, and serfdom on the inside.

Medieval scoundrels!

Post Scriptum

Pope Victor Ponta has changed his mind. The traitors are no longer excommunicated from ProRomania. They are his friends.

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