Money for zooculture is coming

Cătălin Deacu
Ziarul BURSA #English Section / 8 decembrie 2008

The Government will allocate the second stage of the national complementary payments for the zooculture sector for the year 2008. The Government has adopted a regulation which amends the Goverment"s Decree no. 1230/2008 - the law regulating the payment of the first installment of direct payments for the zooculture sector. Thus, the amount of financial support for the second stage is 145 lei per bovine livestock unit, for the bovine farms recorded in the National Farm Register of Farms by the date of January 31st, 2008. According to a press release sent to our editor"s office, for all ovine and caprine livestock which were one year old on March 31st 2008, the amount paid would be 19 lei.

The financial support will be granted to breeders from farms which have a milk quota, breeders from farms which have no milk quota and intend to focus on the production of cow meat, as well as for ovine and caprine breeders.

The value of the first payment stage, as regulated by the GD no. 1230/2008, was set at 350 lei per livestock unit for the bovine farms recorded in the Farm Register on January 31st 2008, and 25 lei per livestock unit, for ovine/caprine livestock, respectively.

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