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Prince Paul has proposed to the Chinese of "Huawei" to invest in Jucu

Emilia Olescu (Translated by Cosmin Ghidoveanu)
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Prince Paul of Romania was awarded the title of Ambassador of Romanian-Chinese Friendship, during his visit to China, in the beginning of this month.

Prince Paul of Romania was awarded the title of Ambassador of Romanian-Chinese Friendship, during his visit to China, in the beginning of this month.

In a visit to China, Prince Paul of Romania has proposed "Huawei" officials to invest in Jucu, taking the place of "Nokia". In the beginning of this month, his highness visited telecom equipment maker "Huawei". Its management talked to Prince Paul about a possible expansion to Romania.

"They know Romania's market potential and they are aware that their new smartphones would tempt Romanians, who want performing products at accessible prices. I've asked them to seriously consider the possibility of coming to Romania, to replace Nokia. They would receive the same support from Romania's government and their positioning here would open the gateway to the European market. For us it would be an important investment, in an environment with infrastructure and conditions which are already functional in this regard", Prince Paul of Romania said.

Present in Romania since 2003, in 2009, the company had a turnover of 39 million Euros. The representatives of Huawei recently informed the officials of the Ministry of Communications and Informational Society about their intention to open the 4th Global Huawei Support Center in Romania. The Minister of Communications Valerian Vreme announced that "Huawei" is one of the foreign companies that are interested in investing in Jucu taking the empty spot left by Nokia.

The Chinese feel that our traditional products are of good quality

During last week's visit, Prince Paul and Princess Lia had meetings with some of the most important businesspeople in China, who praised Romanian traditional products, according to his Royal Highness: "We were very pleasantly surprised that all the people that we met had a good opinion on Romania and its economy. Most importantly, the wine and the honey that we offered to our hosts were praised as being very high quality. Romanian products are recognized as ecological, and high quality".

The company "Heres Wine", which was one of the objectives of the royal visit, is the largest importer of wine in China, including of the varieties of the Huşi House ("Feteasca Albă", "Feteasca Neagră", "Busuioaca de Bohotin", "Zghihara de Huşi"). "The president of the company, Mr. Jia Zhi Gang, confirmed that Romanian wines are starting to gain ground on the Chinese market, but they need more support to see a higher number of buyers. The rich Chinese are already faithful to luxury brands, but the middle class has begun seeing revenues which allow it to buy good wines, at acceptable prices. This is where we come in, with our national varieties, which we have advertised during our visit", Prince Paul said.

A possible explanation for the success of Huşi in China could be the "Dracula" or "România Wine" ranges of products, which evoke the product's country of origin, his highness considers.

"It is a good marketing idea, even if < Dracula > is not a true symbol of Romania. Other elements tied to our history or national tourist attractions can draw attention to a quality product, which only needs a little bit of advertising to conquer Chinese consumers and to turn convert them into loyal customers", Princess Lia said.

Domestic varieties of wine - studied by millions of Chinese

At the open University of China (Shanghai), over three million students can choose to take classes in the new Romanian breeds of wines.

"We are underestimating the potential of this product. They have already set up a special area for the storage of 800,000 bottles of Romanian wine, needed for the study of our varieties. We don't have that kind of interest in something like that in Romania, unfortunately", Prince Paul said.

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