Profiland Group to Build 7 Mln Mall in Galati

Ziarul BURSA #English Section / 29 iunie 2007

Profiland Group, owned by businessman Andrei Lisinschi, will invest 7 million EUR in a 10,000 square meter mall located in Galati. The shopping center will include movie theaters, retail spaces, bowling alleys and food courts. The mall will be finalized in autumn next year. So far, the company invested 6-7 million EUR in this project, but further investments might be necessary.

Profiland Group plans to invest over 25 million EUR this year. The goup includes the companies Profiland SRL and Intfor SA and Proserv SRL. Last year, Profiland Group posted a turnover of 116.8 million RON in 2006, up 31% from the past year, while net profit amounted to 5.39 million RON.

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