Roca Industry - one step away from the transfer to the BVB's main market

English Section / 7 decembrie 2023

Photo source: facebook / Roca Industry

Photo source: facebook / Roca Industry

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The holding will carry out a capital increase, which may involve the conversion of a claim held by Roca Investments against Roca Industry

The Financial Supervisory Authority (ASF) approved the prospectus drawn up with a view to increasing the share capital of Roca Industry and admitting the holding's shares to trading on the Regulated Market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB), according to a report of the issuer published on the operator's website our capital market.

Roca Industry is the building materials holding of Roca Investments, its shares being listed on the AeRO Market of BVB.

Ionuţ Bindea, CEO of Roca Industry, said in an interview published in the BURSA newspaper in the middle of last month: "The listing on the main market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange will allow the holding to expand its operations, to have access to additional capital, in order to supports the growth and development of the Romanian companies we have in our portfolio".

Roca Industry anticipates that the prospectus will be published tomorrow on the website of our capital market operator.

In June of this year, the Extraordinary General Meeting of Roca Industry Shareholders approved the increase of the company's capital by no more than 150 million lei (from the value of 176.9 million lei to 326.9 million lei), by issuing up to 15 million shares, with a nominal value of 10 lei per share.

The capital increase will take place in two stages. In the first, the new shares will be offered for subscription, based on preferential rights, to those who were shareholders of Roca Industry on July 12 of this year, at a price of 10 lei per share. The pre-emptive rights will not be transferable and will not be admitted to trading on the stock exchange.

In the second stage, the shares that remain unsubscribed in the first phase will be offered through a private placement involving the conversion of a claim of Roca Investments, worth 56.4 million lei. The claim is composed of: a) the amount of 45.7 million lei, which represents the price from the sale-purchase agreement by which Roca Industry acquired from Roca Investments 99.9% of the capital of Electroplast; b) the amount of almost 10.7 million lei, which represents the price from a debt assignment contract by which Roca Industry, together with the acquisition of Electroplast shares, took over the debt resulting from the loans granted by Roca Investments to Electroplast, as it appears from the reports from BVB.

"The debt of Roca Investments is certain, liquid and due, as it results from the evaluation report dated October 2, 2023, drawn up by the independent expert Veridio", it is also stated in a report of Roca Industry from last month.

In the middle of this year, Roca Investments owned almost 61% of Roca Industry, a holding whose stock market valuation yesterday amounted to approximately 165 million lei.

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