ROMANIA-RUSSIA Production of natural gas begins at Kirinskoye

A.T. (Translated by Cosmin Ghidoveanu)
Ziarul BURSA #English Section / 12 aprilie 2012

Production of natural gas begins at Kirinskoye

Gazprom announced that this year it will begin production of natural gas and condensed gas from the Sakhalin oil field at Kirinskoye. For the first time, natural gas will be extracted underwater in Russia.

The construction of the Polyarnaya Zvezda (Polar Star) and Severnoye Siyaniye (Northern Lights) will begin in 2012, in order to be ready for production in the second semester. A total of six wells will be built until the end of 2014. Following these investments, the annual gas output will increase to 4.2 billion cubic meters of 2015.