Santa came along with gifts and brought joy to children at the "BURSA" offices

E.O. (Translated by Cosmin Ghidoveanu)
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Santa came along with gifts and brought joy to children at the "BURSA" offices

Just like he does every year, for a few hours, this Saturday, Santa Claus stopped by at BURSA, with his bag full of sweets and toys. Around 150 children in the Popa Tatu area were delighted to see him again and to tell him poems and songs, hugging him, one at a time, with emotion and joy.

For the 19th time, Santa held on his knees, as he lovingly does every year, the little neighbors of the "BURSA" newspaper, who were listening to him patiently and curiously.

The ladies dressed up as Santas and the elves who worked hard all through last week in "Santa's Workshop" to prepare hundreds of packages with sweets, juices, dairy, clothes and toys offered generous gifts to the M.A.M.E. Association and to the children from the Măgurele Christian Social Group.

The children from those two places welcomed our elves and the Santa girls, surrounded by the smell of Christmas trees, their eyes teary with joy, with poems and carols.

Santa reminded us how wonderful it is to give love and good will and how necessary is to keep our souls pure, to love and to give, to forgive, to be good and not to forget how to be child-like.

"Santa's Workshop" is a, by now, traditional campaign of the "BURSA" newspaper, carried out through the HESTIA Association, a campaign that remembers that the holiday at the end of the year brings peace and peace in houses and brings us together, renewing our hopes for the coming year.

We want to thank the "elves" who contributed to the joy brought by BURSA's "Santa's workshop": Answear, Aratoys, Boromir, Catena, Pion Impex, Romsilva, Croco, Delice, Parmafood, DP Collection, D-Toys,, Erfi,, Garanti Bank, Nestle, Mcdonald's, Leonidas, Marelbo, Melini Frutta, Nordis, Cas-tel Nor, Editura Rao (Rao publishing house), Rodprint, Opera, Transilvania Lactate, Erbalact SRL.

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