Sharing with the "Golden Generation"

Sharing with the "Golden Generation"

Dan Nicolaie
English Section / 4 martie

Versiunea în limba română

Dan Nicolaie

The current leadership of the Romanian Football Federation proves that it does not only have the hard "wooden tongue" but also the flexibility of an oak stump. One of domestic football's few successful generations celebrates 30 years this year after a final tournament to remember, both for what it was and what it could have been. A film has been released, featuring the story of that American summer, an exhibition match will be played and a nostalgia-soaked game shirt has been unveiled.

The problem appears in the last part.

The jerseys will be missing something, the old logo of the FRF, with which the tricolors had it close to their hearts at the time. The Federation wanted to show its stinginess under the cover of contracts and regulations that give it justice in the financial realm, but leave it exposed in the sentimental one. Contracts, brands, agreement, brand, sponsors, advertisements are the words used to justify the final divorce between the current federation and the "Golden Generation". Obviously, the situation could easily be resolved if there had not been a sincere antipathy between the two sides. FRF also announces that it is not involved in the organization of the event. Had to be! For the general public, explanations matter less. It will matter just as little for the nostalgic fan if the t-shirt he buys will have the former logo on the chest or not, the important thing is that Hagi, Răducioiu, Prodan, Dumitrescu, Stelea, Popescu, Munteanu should be written on the back...

The current head of the FRF should understand that the elections at Casa Fotbalului are one thing and public sympathy is another. No matter how many mandates he wins, in 30 years no one will want to buy a yellow T-shirt with Burleanu written on the back, even if on the front it will have all the logos from the history of the federation.

Otherwise, the divorce was publicly registered!

When the FRF is divided, it will remain with the old logo, which no longer serves them for almost anything, and the former glories with the memories and love of the people.

Fair share!

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