Small hopes!

Small hopes!

Dan Nicolaie
English Section / 11 iunie

Versiunea în limba română

Dan Nicolaie

The national team arrived in Germany for the final tournament of the European Championship. On this occasion, the last skeptic was convinced, Romania will play at EURO 2024.

It is important to participate.

After the last two friendly games (with Bulgaria and Liechtenstein) under the sign of absolute zero, the hope settings returned to the minimum. As the famous coach Emeric Ienei advised us many years ago, we do not have illusions so as not to experience the drama of disillusionment. It would be quite difficult, even illusions need a base, no matter how flimsy, and in our case it doesn't really exist. Poor results have been recorded in friendlies and at bigger venues, with players clearly more concerned with dribbling through injuries than doing so with opponents, but beyond the similar results, the Tricolors seem the only ones claiming plaudits when it's not appropriate and they are extremely sensitive to any kind of criticism. The way of thinking of some of them is incompatible with performance and that should really worry us.

Otherwise, we can believe without problems, for another week, in miracles because they have seen each other at this level before, and from the place where our team is, only ascent is possible. It would be a shame not to enjoy these tournaments, where we are among the participants, recent history has shown us that we do not get such reasons for satisfaction very often.

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