The Archdiocese of Bucharest invites the politicians not to use the funding for the construction of the National Cathedral in elections

English Section / 11 martie



Versiunea în limba română

The statements of the mayor of Sector 1, Clotilde Armand, related to the closing of the town hall, caused a wave of reactions. Following these statements, the Archdiocese of Bucharest announces that it disapproves of the use for electoral purposes of the pretext of supporting or not the construction of the National Cathedral: "Law no. 261/2005, with subsequent amendments, provides support from the State Budget and local budgets for the construction of the National Cathedral, erected to honor the memory of all Romanian heroes of all times. The financial support received from the authorities was and is offered only under this law of the Romanian State. In this sense, the Romanian Orthodox Church thanks all those who supported it and continues to support it in the efforts to complete this project".

Last week, Clotilde Armand announced that the City Hall of Sector 1 will be closed because of the local councilors PNL - PSD, who took the money from the functioning of the city hall and gave it to the Cathedral of Salvation. She announced that she has already filed a criminal complaint, because it is forbidden by law to stop the public service. In response, the PNL Sector 1 representatives accused that the councilor Clotilde Armand is lying to the public and announces that she is closing the town hall and suspending public services, but in the Town Hall account statement there are 4 million lei for goods and services for this year, and the payments made, up to February 29, they were 1.857 million lei: "Armand City Hall deliberately blocks the functioning of the City Hall while schools are left unguarded, and the money is wasted on fines paid for the incompetence of his team." Liberals from Sector 1 also state that the incompetence of the Armand administration can be seen at all levels.