The banner of the city

Dan Nicolaie
English Section / 23 aprilie

Versiunea în limba română

Dan Nicolaie

I found out firsthand how hard it is to walk around town with a flag. I didn't do any kind of experiment, I simply bought a tricolor flag, complete with a wooden spear, from one of the Sunday markets on the outskirts of the Capital. As the old flag on the balcony had lost its coloistic vibrancy, I decided that a replacement was welcome. If inside the fair the questions I encountered were normal (Where did you get it from?; How much did it cost?) "outside" on the street, the register changed and simply some of the people became slightly aggressive, just because I was holding a tricolor flag. Yes, I know, sleazy characters, ostentatiously popularized on certain news televisions, have also taken the banner profession to a less frequented area, but I was thinking that one is one thing and another is another.

I have to admit that there was one question that bothered me more than the other, both repeating themselves. When I was asked if I was coming from the game - it was way too early in the morning, even for games in the last possible divisions - I smiled. "Where did you steal it from?" bothered me, but I got really angry when I was asked if I was going to a rally of a party that claims to be the bearer of the flag of patriotism or if I was advertising for a candidate with the name of an actor . Is this really how low we are willing to take this symbol? The tricolor is no longer our flag, is it that of a football team, of a party?

Otherwise, in another plan, which interferes with the above, I also received an offer to sell my flag (over four times the purchase price), but generally I do not sell much, in plus, I had already suffered too much with my flag, there was no trading it on the first street corner.