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THE "BENEFITS OF MEDIATION IN DEALING WITH CONFLICTS" CONFERENCE/TUDOR TATU:"The penetration of mediation in the banking sector is difficult"

A.T. (Translated by Cosmin Ghidoveanu)
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Mediation in the financial-banking system could have nothing but beneficial effects in solving the disputes between lenders and borrowers, considers Tudor Tatu, the president of the Union of Banking Mediators.

He claims that for now, mediation "unfortunately" finds it hard to penetrate this sector, despite the best efforts of the mediators.

Tudor Tatu, who supports the specialization of mediators by sectors, emphasized the fact that, even though the legislation which regulates mediation for several years exists, it is not very well known in the sector: "Mediation between banks and clients can bring many benefits in dealing with the conflicts in the sector. Even though there is a specific legislation in the business, awareness about it is very little, in spite of the efforts conducted by the mediators. Dealing with the lawsuits through mediation is much quicker than dealing with them through the courts".

Mr. Tatu claims that the European Union recommends for mediation to be free of charge, and if that isn't possible, the fee should be less than 50 Euros.

The law prohibits people working in the banking-financial system from mediating conflicts in the area, Tudor Tatu also said.

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