THE BRUSSELS ATTACKSWith bombs and harsh words

CORNEL CODIŢĂ (translated by Cosmin Ghidoveanu)
Ziarul BURSA #English Section / 23 martie 2016

With bombs and harsh words

The assault on Europe has entered a new stage. The bridges that connect the continent to the past of its historic normalcy are being blown up one after another. With bombs, literally!

The new terror attack in Belgium is the obvious follow-up of Paris. Like shells in a machine gun, others are waiting their turn, to spit fire and death at a quick pace. "The police" and "the services" have plenty of post-factum explanations, and their learning curve seems to be completely overcome by the speed in planning and execution of the new wave of terrorism. Where does its effectiveness come from?

Some people claim that it is simply the exploitation of Europe's historic weaknesses. A continent which, after two devastating wars of the 20th century and after another half a century of "cold war", is not, can not be prepared for anything else but peace. The ideology, the politics, the infrastructure, the military equipment to say nothing of the culture of war have all been marginalized in the European perimeter. Robert Kagan also told us that, in the beginning of the new millennium, but nobody paid any attention to him. The Europeans had an esthetics guided reaction, noting the poignancy of the metaphor!!! Not one European of the 21st century would have been willing to open the door to war, to welcome it back in the city. As a result, the Old Continent has become what the garden of Eden was to the Biblical snake. A hunting ground which makes Adam's innocence the guaranteed reason for Evil's victory.

Others claim that it is the "ultravirulent strain" of the terrorism bred and fed on Europe's soil. Not by foreigners, but by the new generation of alienated people. The deep and always renewed gap between "The haves" and "The have nots", between the privileged and underprivileged of an era of never-ending crisis and of the systematic destruction of societal balance, of inequalities disregarded, when they have not been sometimes cultivated knowingly, is roaming Europe from one end to the other and is present in each of its societies. Especially the ones that, for various reasons, have kept their borders open to a significant flow of migrants over the last seventy years. France, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Spain are currently the "schools" that are raising, ideologically train and which the "gladiators" of the new type of locally fed terrorism act in, even if the ideology and the education remain "imports".

The insular communities of migrants, for the most part separated from the rest of society and antagonized have become the breeding ground for this new type of terrorist, born European to die, also in Europe, as a sacrifice to the Islamic jihadism. Every month, every year, France, Germany and other European countries "export" to the Jihadi training camps in Iraq, Somalia, Yemen or Afghanistan hundreds, thousands of young people anxious to return home to blow up the neighborhood or the city they grew up in! It is an equation that nobody was prepared for, hence the head start that terrorists have over the protectors of the legal and constitutional order.

Last but not least, from the institutions that should have kept us safe from terrorist actions, at least the highly violent ones, another "explanation is being disseminated". They, these "overweight" and heavily budget-consuming institutions supposed to defend citizens have been built and trained for a different type of war! Not for terror. No one can change them from one day to the next and truth be told, politicians haven't been exactly in any hurry to define their mission and duties. Even when they did it, meekly, they did so by juxtaposing new duties, as if they had been perfectly compatible with the older ones!!! As if you could hunt for two rabbits that are each running in different directions, with one shot. It isn't exactly possible, but no one is willing to admit that!!

For the picture to be complete, we need to dig into the deepest underground of the terrorist phenomenon. One that has been born and evolves with "genetic information" originating from the "parents" that carefully hide their identity: secret services and special actions which have been around for a long time and span the world. There is no need to fall into the trap of conspiracy theories to understand that operations organized across multiple continents and decades, with multiple and complex links: ideological awareness and indoctrination, recruitment, training, planning, verification, execution and exploitation of terrorist attacks are impossible to achieve straight away, by some faction of semi-illiterate persons gathering in the basements of some mosque, or in the bars of London, Paris, Berlin or Brussels. It takes know how and far more resources than some "networks of evil" organized by some obscure conclave of mullahs with radicalized speeches and anti-Western grudges have available. Just like the story that young people born and raised on the soil of European countries just wake up one day and go to some Yemenite camp, out of curiosity, to get trained on how to then blow themselves up in the Brussels airport, is more of a myth, than a verifiable reality. The undergrounds of the terrorist phenomenon, just like those of the unchecked waves of migrants, that have just swooped down on Europe out of the blue, are being controlled and full of covert, undisclosed and undisclosable activities of some of the most experienced evil puppet masters of "Big Politics" and of the constantly renewed "Global confrontation".

Why has Europe become these games' victim?

From Russia's point of view, because it in the "post cold war era", Europe refused to embrace the role and status of "neutrality" in relation to Russia's grand plan to get its superpower status back. To Moscow, Europe's weakening means America's weakening, and America's weakening is the only solution for Washington's imperial grandeur to return to the much sought after - by Kremlin - "strategic parity". For Washington, Europe's weakening has been a historical, untreatable syndrome. When necessary, it has been just perfect for exploiting by sanctioning Europe's "flirting" with Russia, so negligently hidden under the cape of the new German-Russian relations. Through Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks that segment of the radicals of American politics annoyed that Europe has not unreservedly embraced America's "imperial destiny", but it has actually dared to criticize it, or to announce its fading, long before it has reached its historical potential. The threat of cutting the American contribution to Europe's security, through its repositioning in NATO, or even the possible passing into "oblivion", or "torpor" of this organization is just another way of telling Europe that if it doesn't find a way to make itself useful to America, it could very well become a pile of historical relics, not just from a tourist point of view, but politically as well.

With bombs and harsh words, somebody is shaping up the future of a Europe that is different from what the great men of the post-war generation wanted. And in this future, war in its newest, or oldest forms, is not just an integral part, but also a part of the definition of the future itself.

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