The BURSA awards - a triumph

English Section / 19 noiembrie 2019

The BURSA awards - a triumph

Style and elegance, brightness and ostentation, light and color, music and dancing, prizes and surprises - those were some of the ingredients of the BURSA Gala on Thursday, November 14th, which, held at the majestic Palace of Parliament, marked 29 years of uninterrupted publication of the BURSA newspaper. For nearly five hours, the Parliament Reception Hall brought together over 500 guests - Prime Minister Ludovic Orban, ministers, ambassadors, bankers, native and foreign investors, as well as personalities from the capital market and other sectors of the economy - who enjoyed a series of sensational moments prepared by the BURSA newspaper.

In the beginning of the Gala, presented by Ilinca Obădescu of Kanal D, the BURSA newspaper and its team received congratulations from Ludovic Orban, the chief of the Executive; Sorin Lazăr, President of the Committee on Budget, Finance and Banks of the Chamber of Deputies - the host of the event -; Virgil Popescu - Minister of Economy, Energy and Business Environment; Adrian Tănase - General Manager of the Bucharest Stock Exchange; Dan Paul - President of the Brokers Association; Florin Dănescu - Executive President of the Romanian Banking Association.

The prime minister emphasized: "I have once again honored the invitation to attend the BURSA Gala, out of the desire to show my appreciation of the activity of the journalists of this newspaper, which endures in a competitive market and who successfully manage to provide economic education, to help make a case for many factors that help the economic development. I congratulate those in the BURSA newsroom and wish them a long life and a print run as big as possible. Regarding the Bucharest Stock Exchange, since your newspaper's name comes from that very institution, I hope that our country will come to have a real stock market. I hope we will achieve the emerging market status and we are trying to help that happen, because a capitalist economy, a market economy must have a stock exchange among the pillars of its activity. In every developed country, the stock exchange is a fundamental institution, which ensures the financing of companies, development projects and allows any investor to play".

For his part, Sorin Lazăr, the chairman of the Committee on Budget, Finance and Banks in the Chamber of Deputies, said: "It is an honor for the commission that I personally lead to be, together with the BURSA newspaper, the host of this event and I congratulate the editorial board of the BURSA newspaper for what it does.

At the same time, I want to send the business sector in Romania, the entrepreneurial class, which is the backbone of the economic growth in our country, a message of support and encouragement, because we continue to rely on the growth of the economy to take the country to where it belongs on a European level.

Regarding the Bucharest Stock Exchange, I want to emphasize that, since 2016, the BSE has seen an increase in its turnover, from 9.2 billion to 11.4 billion lei, and its capitalization has also increased from 146.5 billion to 177 billion lei, this year, which indicates that the economy is moving in the right direction. Also, in 2018, the Central Counterpart was established by law, which will lead to the development of the derivatives market which will directly affect the spot market, the energy market, etc. ".

Mr. Lazăr also said that, last week, the development, creation and regulation of the legal framework for alternative investment funds, another instrument which can grow the Romanian capital market, was unanimously adopted.

"The BURSA newspaper has remained and will continue to be one of the most appreciated, perhaps even the most appreciated newspaper in the economic sector," said Virgil Popescu, Minister of the Economy, Energy and Business Sector, adding: "Your gala remains a milestone, every year around this time, at the Parliament's Palace and I think that everyone here feels proud and honored to participate in this event".

Adrian Tănase, the general manager of BVB, started his speech by pointing out that there is still much to be done to develop our capital market and that the results achieved so far, such as the move to the emerging market status, are premises for future development.

He said: "We still have a little developed stock market, which represents only 10% of GDP, and we should aim to bring it to 20% of GDP in the next ten years. But for this, it is absolutely to have the support of the Government and the authorities. There are measures that the Executive has to implement to develop the stock market, to increase the participation of the population in the capital market, to stimulate issuers, companies, to go public. Another project initiated by BVB, together with the OPCOM energy market, is the CCP project, together with partners from the financial and energy markets. This project will be implemented over a period of two years and will create the premises for improving the capital market and the energy market, allowing the launch of the derivatives market".

Dan Paul, president of the Brokers Association, believes that our stock market lacks "only investors and liquidity", thus calling on the Executive to bring liquidity to the market by listing government securities.

Mr Paul said: "If the Government brings the liquidity, then we bring in the investors. A first step would be for the government securities to be listed". He pointed out that there is a direct connection between the BURSA newspaper and the BSE, represented not only by name, but also by the idea of the stock exchange, by transactions: "I think of BURSA newspaper as a stock market, because it defends the values of the capital market. The BURSA newspaper was with us when the BSE had problems, when it had crises, when it had a general manager who mistook his contract for his mandate, when we wanted to create a local counterparty and others did not want to. For all those things, I say thanks to the BURSA newspaper and I wish for it to continue to defend the values of the BSE".

In the 29 years of uninterrupted appearance of the BURSA newspaper, all the events in the Romanian capitalist market have been faithfully reflected in its pages, said Florin Dănescu, executive chairman of the Romanian Banking Association (ARB). "The country's economy was reflected in the BURSA newspaper just like in a mirror". The head of the RBA also stated: "It is important to mention that in all these years of capitalism we reached a GDP of 12.300 euros per capita, seven times higher than 30 years ago, and we still have a lot to reach the potential. The banking industry is concerned with some important elements: financial education, digital agenda, increasing financial intermediation and we ask the BURSA newspaper to not only continue to mirror this evolution, but to be close to us and to succeed, as it has up to now, in saying what the Romanian economy can do, instead of just what it is doing".

Those who congratulated the BURSA newspaper include Bogdan Badea, President of the Board and CEO of Hidroelectrica. He said, upon receiving the excellence award for his management performance: "I congratulate the newspaper BURSA for everything it does for the business sector and I hope that next year the company will find itself in the "IPO of the year" section the BURSA awards."

Tudor Ciurezu, the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the general director of SIF Oltenia, expressed his gratitude for the correct way in which the daily BURSA carries out its activity: "I thank the BURSA newspaper for being there and for providing very important information, promptly and independently, which are essential in the making of investment decisions. Always strongly independent, the BURSA newspaper has published some of the most important and interesting news. "

In the BURSA Gala, awards were given, in two sections - "The public vote" and "Awards for Excellence".

In the former, the public voted for CEC Bank (Banking), Electrica Furnizare (Energy), Compania Cotnari (Agribusiness), Hidroconstrucţia (Constructions), Grup Feroviar Român (Transports), Endava (IT), Digi RCS RDS (Telecommunications), Automobile Dacia Auto (Automotive), Lidl (Retail), Medlife (Medical services), Piperea şi Asociaţii (Law firms) and SIF Oltenia (Financial Investment Companies and the Proprietatea Fund). Excellence awards were granted to Kanal D, the BSE, Met România, Romgaz, Transgaz, Huawei, DellTech,, Banca Transilvania, Romanian Smart City Association (Asociaţia Română pentru Smart City), CELCO, Catena and Bogdan Badea - chairman of the Board and CEO of Hidroelectrica.

Soprano Daniela Bucşan, of the Romanian Light Opera and Musical Theater "Ion Dacian" and soloist Elena Gheorghe provided the musical entertainment.

The event also featured the "Sommelier's moment", as well as raffles, which have included impressive prizes offered by Avra Aestetic Institute, ANSWER, Consiglieri & Cristallini, Life Dental SPA and Domeniul Greaca.

The event was made possible thanks to the following partners: Huawei România, Met România Energy, Grampet Group, the Bucharest Stock Exchange, Banca Transilvania, Transelectrica, Vodafone Româ-nia, Hidroelectrica, Dell Technologies, Romanian Smart City Association, Ford Trucks România, Romanian Professional Association of Domestic Investors (Patronatul Investitorilor Autohtoni din România), BRD Groupe Societe Generale, Nuclearelectrica, Romgaz, Euro Insol, Genesis Property, CEC Bank, Teraplast, EximBank, SIF Oltenia, SIF Transilvania, Superbet, Piperea şi Asociaţii,, Onix Asigurări, Armeanca Prest Com, Electromagnetica, Electrica, Agricover, Romanian Farmers' Club (Clubul Fermierilor Români), Ariston, The Central Depository (Depozitarul Central), Romelectro, Celco, Idea::bank, Renomia SRBA Insurance Broker, Conpet, Sixt Group România, the Romanian Commodities Exchange, Cuprumin, Veridio, The National Agency of Authorized Evaluators (Agenţia Naţională a Evaluatorilor Autorizaţi din România), DT Lawyers,, the Flower Academy (Academia de Flori), Cristallini, Consiglieri, Trendy Sound, Avra Aestethic Institute, Life Dental SPA, Gett's, Elite Mariaje, Olivia Terzea Make Up Artist, Romanian Light Opera and Musical Theater "Ion Dacian", Atmosphere, Schlumberger, Leonidas, Compania Cotnari, Black Cab, Jack Daniel`s, Coca Cola România, Piano Ballroom, Celebration Catering, Domeniul Greaca, Anvergura, Delice Confectioneries (Cofetariile Delice), Froneri Ice Cream România, Testament, fi-Ga Fiori di Guarana, Faito, Gorgone, Neos Cosmetics, DP Collection, Rod Print, Fornetti, the Cenad Farm, the Amelie Florist, (Floraria Amelie), all of which we extend our thanks to!

Thursday's gala was attended by a special guest, who came from Singapore to start projects of particular importance in the smart sector of our country. Herjeet Rehki, WorldWide Director of the Digital City Division with the DellTech group, was a keynote speaker at GALA BURSA and said: "We are here to present what we call new digital cities. Imagine a city where preventive policing helps stop crime before it happens, where real-time traffic analysis helps reduce travel time by over 20%, where cities pursue policies to improve air quality, especially near schools, hospitals and residences and where cities gradually reduce carbon dioxide emissions, until they are eliminated, by optimizing the use of fossil fuels. These and many other goals have been set by cities around the world to deliver results to citizens. By 2050, 70% of the global population will live in cities as a result of urban migration, and the enormous pressure that this concentration of people will put on cities' infrastructure will be unprecedented. Careful introduction of autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, blockchain and Big Data could support a lot of changes that cities are looking for. Real-time traffic analysis will be fueled by enormous data computing power, and data scientists will be forced to design these technologies of the future. The regular use of these technologies over the next few years will dramatically improve the lives of cities by reducing congestion and optimizing existing infrastructure. The digital city is a journey through many decades, and we, with Dell technologies, hope to support this journey. ".

Romania has over 330 projects of smart city sector, with investments of billions of euros to be made, said Eduard Dumitraşcu, president of the Romanian Smart City Association, who attended the Gala on Thursday Evening.

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