The Minister of Education assures that the baccalaureate subjects are not... difficult

English Section / 17 aprilie

Ligia Deca

Ligia Deca

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The methods of persuading final year students to appear for the baccalaureate exam are among the most diverse. The Minister of Education came up with his own set of arguments. The baccalaureate exam certifies some competencies of the graduate, and the subjects are not difficult and are created for the average level, said the Minister of Education, Ligia Deca: "The baccalaureate exam certifies some competencies of the graduate. These competencies, in order to be recognized in the country , but also by our European partners, must be guaranteed. That's why the subjects do not vary, but the means of support vary so that those children who have special educational requirements can meet the assessment standard. This means extended time, measures and materials helpful, precisely in the idea that the diploma they obtain cannot be contested by anyone. I am open to what other measures we can take in such a way that they are supported to respect the particularities of learning that I they have, but I think it is necessary to maintain confidence in the diploma that a high school graduate obtains". Deca stated that the subjects are not difficult at the baccalaureate, but are created for an average level and for the certification of an average competence:

"It is precisely for this reason that they must be respected for all graduates. We can discuss the most appropriate support measures precisely because those students with disorders on the autistic spectrum have an increased intellectual capacity. It is only about the suitability to their particularities."

On the other hand, the minister announced that a campus for dual education will be built in Argeş county, the eligible value being 25 million euros: "A new campus for dual education will be built in Argeş. The eligible value is almost 25 of millions of euros and has the University of Pitesti as its leader. What is special about this campus is that there are seven institutions or educational units: the University of Pitesti, the "Constantin Brâncoveanu" Technological High School. from Mioveni, Dacia Pitesti Technological High School, Astra Pitesti Technological High School, "Ferdinand I" Curtea de Argeş Technological High School, and Topoloveni Technological High School". The minister recalled that 29 campuses for dual education will be created at the national level: "This campus represents part of the national effort as a dual technological route that trains future tradesmen and future professionals in all the trades that are needed in Romania to become a route again of prestige. We are financing 29 dual integrated campuses throughout the country, and we are doing this by supplementing the allocated budget. Initially, we were going to finance 29 such campuses that from the 2029-2030 school year we want to have only dual education on the technological, professional route as we know it today". Moreover, more and more voices are insisting that dual education regain a greater scope at the national level, because the labor market needs young people trained in certain jobs.

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