The Ministry of Education has started the selection process for CNATDCU members

English Section / 24 mai

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The Ministry of Education launched in public consultation the proposals for the members of the Selection Committees for each specialized commission of CNATDCU. According to the ministry: "To ensure the transparency and quality of the CNATDCU member selection process for the 2024 - 2028 mandate, the Ministry of Education decided to establish - for each CNATDCU specialized commission - a selection committee consisting of 3 - 5 personalities of academic prestige and scientific, cultural and moral, nationally/internationally recognized". According to the cited source, the list of members of the Selection Committees was made taking into account the proposals of higher education institutions and some representative organizations and/or bodies for higher education and scientific research in Romania. After the completion of the public debate, the Ministry of Education will issue the order of the minister with the composition of the selection committees. "Any natural or legal person has the right to submit possible objections and reasoned complaints", states the same source. These selection committees will analyze the candidacies of the people registered in the platform, and will recommend to the Ministry of Education the new members of the CNATDCU commissions.