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The reality of prostitution in television

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The reality of prostitution in television

In the case of Realitatea TV I do not feel that I need to do research, I am just going to write like any TV viewer would write - if it were that easy on most articles, journalism wouldn't matter much.

For three years, Realitatea TV clawed and spit at the PSD and when the PSD has been brought down from the government, Realitatea TV shut down, and Cozmin Guşă, the owner and political analyst of the TV station joined the PSD.


And this is where I should be mimicking the expressions of the girl from the "Chicken fest" commercial - a hen clucks back at her, and the girl is outraged, she has one eyebrow raised, her mouth is agape, her eyes are wide, her smile is somewhere between contempt and disbelief.

"Stupefaction", there is no other word for it.

The incidents of Realitatea TV cause stupefaction.

I remember Rareş Bogdan three years ago, saying something amazing, such as "starting today, we will practice journalism impartially, without any bowing down to one side or the other."

What do you mean "starting today"?

Isn't that an acknowledgment that up until that moment, Realitatea TV had whored itself out?

I kept quiet, when a whore decides to start a decent life, it's not nice to demoralize people, one lady more means one whore less.

I liked it that Rareş Bogdan insisted on asking Liviu Dragnea on what he was going to do if the PSD failed to meet its governing program and I liked that he managed to get him to say that if that were to happen, the PSD would give up the power.

I liked that because the PSD hasn't done either, and that was emphasized precisely because of that show by Rareş Bogdan with Liviu Dragnea.

Since then things that were unpredictable happened: Liviu Dragnea went to jail, the great impartial journalist Rareş Bogdan became a top leader with the PNL, and the classy intellectual Cozmin Guşă became an underling to scholar Viorica Dăncilă.

We are living in an alternate timeline, which I think that three years ago, had less than 0.1% chance to carry out this scenario.

But there is an internal mechanism.

Realitatea TV has been insolvent for eight years now (I don't know how it's even possible for an insolvent company to be around that long), its broadcasting license only expired after the PSD was cut down - that's three coincidences.

Liviu Dragnea was jailed only after the PSD lost the European Parliament elections (I don't think that was a coincidence, regardless of the fact that he deserved to go jail before).

And then there is another personal experience.

About two years ago, Rareş Bogdan invited me on one of his shows, I went, we established cordial relations.

I've talked to Cozmin Guşă twice on the phone.

The relations between BURSA and Realitatea TV seemed cordial.

Then, out of the blue, last year, when BURSA organized a conference on the Romanian-Russian cooperation, Rareş Bogdan went bananas, and said that that was the evidence that the PSD was pushing us into Russia's hands, and look at how Eugen Teodorovici has called the Russians over, and made up some other dumb things I can't remember.

PSD had nothing to do with the BURSA Conference, and Teodorovici was only meant to be one of our guests - but after the show he put on at Realitatea TV Teodorovici was no longer invited.

The self-proclaimed "impartial" journalist Rareş Bogdan presented the poster of the BURSA conference, where BURSA was mentioned as an organizer, but he claimed that it was organized by the PSD.

A pathetic liar.

I tried to call him.

He didn't answer.

I tried to phone Cozmin Guşă.

He didn't answer.

Now, the liar is at the PNL and the coward is with the PSD.

Which shows that you should never trust a woman who used to be a whore.

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  1. Asta-i traducere pentru Dancila? Sau pentru cehul ala de 15 ori mai bogat ca Țiriac de vrea sa cumpere Pro-ul.OMG!

    PS Cehia n-are locuitori cât Bucurestiul dar are pe unul de 15 ori mai bogat ca Mr. Țiriac.  

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