The Romanian Academy Awards for 2023

English Section / 8 decembrie 2023

Photo source: facebook /AcademiaRomana

Photo source: facebook /AcademiaRomana

Versiunea în limba română

The Romanian Academy awarded its prestigious prizes yesterday. Actress Rodica Mandache, writer Mircea Mihăieş, historian Ilie Schipor, Byzantinologist Petre-Radu Guran, and critics Ioan Cristescu and Ionel-Mircea Vartic are among the laureates of the Romanian Academy Awards, which were presented yesterday in the prestigious assembly hall. The awards were granted, according to the regulations, within the 14 scientific sections of the Romanian Academy: literature and philology, history, mathematics, physics, chemistry, technical sciences, geonomic sciences, information technology, biology, medicine, agronomy, forestry, economic and legal sciences, sociology, psychology, philosophy, theology, fine arts, theater, and music.

Among the awards presented at this edition are: In the Performing Arts section, actress Rodica Mandache received the "Aristizza Romanescu" Award for her role as Floarea Plătici in the film "Luca" (directed by Horaţiu Mălăele). In Philology and Literature, writer Mircea Mihăieş was awarded the "Titu Maiorescu" Prize for the volume "Finnegans Wake, 628 - The Novel of Darkness," while literary critics Ioan Cristescu and Ionel-Mircea Vartic received the "Lucian Blaga" Prize for the volume "I. Negoiţescu - Radu Stanca. A Correspondence Novel. Complete Edition."

In the Economic, Legal, and Sociological Sciences section, the "Victor Slăvescu" Prize was awarded to historian Ilie Schipor for the work "Destinul Tezaurului României - Argumente din arhivele ruse," and the "Nicolas Georgescu Roegen" Prize rewarded the Study Group dedicated to monetary and fiscal policies.

In Philosophy, Theology, Psychology, and Pedagogy, the "Constantin Rădulescu-Motru" Prize went to the work "Dictionary of Pedagogy," authored by Muşata-Dacia Bocoş-Binţinţan, and awards were also given to Andrei Vieru, Viorel Mirea, Florin-Ciprian Petre, and Arhim. Dionisie Dumitru I. Constantin.

In Fine Arts, the "Ion Andreescu" Prize was awarded to Luminiţa Gliga, and the "Simion Florea Marian" Prize went to Marin Marian-Bălaşa and Antoaneta-Liliana Olteanu.

In Medical Sciences, the "Victor Babeş" Prize was given to Radu Iftimovici and Dana Baran, while in Biological Sciences, awards were presented to Marcel-Ovidiu Ciobanu, Iuliana Popovici, and acad. Dumitru Murariu and Sanda Maican.

In Technical Sciences, the "Anghel Saligny" Prize was awarded to Daniel Dan and Valeriu-Augustin Stoian for their work on seismic behavior.

During the event, the Romanian Academy also awarded three "Academic Merit" diplomas and 10 "Cultural Distinction" diplomas to various individuals and institutions.

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