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THE ROMANIAN DEVELOPMENT CONFERENCE STRATEGY / LÁSZLÓ BORBÉLY, STATE ADVISOR:The National Strategy for Durable Development, completed by October 1st

Alina Vasiescu (translated by Cosmin Ghidovean)
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The National Strategy for Durable Development, completed by October 1st

"We should more seriously concern ourselves with the durable development concept" 

The National Strategy for Sustainable Development of Romania will be completed by October 1st, according to Laszlo Borbely, State Counselor, Head of the Department for Sustainable Development of the Government, who states:

"Romania had a problem in the past: we have devised many things between 1996 and 2000, but most of the time they have remained on paper because we did not take into account what the priorities were. Everything is a priority, but if one takes each and every one of them together into account without paying attention to which factors are the most important and without having a guiding strategy, nothing can be implemented successfully. Right now we have a chance through this Strategy, because on October 1st we will get the last approvals needed for the new Strategy for Sustainable Development of Romania. The document is on the website of the Department of Sustainable Development of the General Secretariat of the Government, which I have been in charge of since last May. ".

According to him, sustainable development can not be quantified without indicators. At the UN level there is a set of 241 indicators in that regard, and Eurostat has proposed around 100 indicators. Romania, at the National Institute of Statistics, has 103 indicators from which to date it can track about 23-25, according to Mr. Laszlo Borbely, who adds that 60-70 indicators of sustainable development are needed.

Laszlo Borbely stresses that he has long considered the concept of sustainable development, which society should pay more attention to.

He said: "In recent years I have realized that we should be more serious about this concept of sustainable development. For years I've tried and I hope I've done something in that regard.

I think the first question to be in our attention is: what do we do with our life - how to make it more sustainable, live longer, be healthier? If each of us asks that question, we will start looking for answers. I very much believe that an individual must start a movement.

There is a lot of talk at the level of the modern network. We have social networks. We need a network, a network in Romania, a movement, a critical mass of those who believe in sustainable development and can do something safe wherever they are. "

Mr Borbely adds: "What is to be done to achieve this sustainable development? First, let's have a more positive approach to everything around us. "

"I said many times: I would like a day, half a day, without" breaking news "in Romania, or with positive " breaking news " because we have a lot of good things. We have one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and the world, with five ecosystems, we have the steppe near the Black Sea, we have alpine terrain, we have continental terrain, in other words everything we need. We have resources. Compared to other countries around, we have everything. Then let's see how we manage our resources, with what we have to achieve sustainable development. "

Development is not only about making a profit, having industrialization, as the concept was in the 1970s and 1980s, the state councilor said. "The world has realized that we need to consider the society, the environment and the way in which we put these concepts together so that they can make a profit, otherwise society will not go further. "

According to Laszlo Borbely, the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development adopted in 2015 by the UN states first quantified what we should do in the field, with 17 clear objectives.

Laszlo Borbely thinks that one of Romania's priorities is the implementation of the Agenda 2030, which is why "we need everyone who can put contribute to that".

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