The Tour of Romania in cycling has been postponed for at least one year

English Section / 29 septembrie

The Tour of Romania in cycling has been postponed for at least one year

Versiunea în limba română

The Tour of Romania has experienced a "flat tire" and will not take place this year. The Board of Directors of the Romanian Cycling Federation has decided to reschedule the Tour of Romania for 2024. According to the federation: "In the desire to continue the tradition of the Tour of Romania and ensure its natural continuity, we postponed this decision until the last possible moment, during which numerous efforts were made to resolve the situation. However, the short time remaining until the new event start date puts us in the impossibility to continue the efforts of organizing and contracting the necessary providers in a timely manner. We would like to express our gratitude to the main partner, Auchan Romania, and all sponsors for their support this year for the realization of the Tour of Romania, related to the private funding part. We also extend our thanks to the National Sports Agency for their demonstrated openness and institutional efforts in support of our cause. We are confident that all parties involved have had good intentions, and we will reunite as soon as possible to organize the Tour of Romania 2024 to the highest standards."

On August 23rd, the Romanian Cycling Federation announced that the Tour of Romania, originally scheduled for September 4th to 10th, had been rescheduled for October 18th to 22nd. The race was set to cover a route of over 900 km, starting in Suceava and passing through the cities of Piatra Neamţ, Focşani, Tulcea, and Călăraşi, with the grand finale taking place in Bucharest.