Ukrainian grain transshipment railway terminal in Dorneşti

George Marinescu
English Section / 31 mai

Ukrainian grain transshipment railway terminal in Dorneşti

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Grampet Group will inaugurate today the largest railway grain transshipment terminal in Dorneşti, Suceava county. The terminal was built to facilitate the transit of Ukrainian grain through our country to river ports and seaports, from where they will be exported around the world.

Several invited officials are expected to attend today's event in Dorneşti, including Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu, Nicolae Ciucă - President of the Senate, Radu Oprea - Minister of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Tourism, Mircea Abrudean - Secretary General of the Government, Adrian Veştea - Minister of Development and Public Administration, Irinel Scrioşteanu - Secretary of State within the Ministry of Transport, Marcel Simion Mutescu - President of the Customs Authority, Ihor Prokopchuk - Ambassador of Ukraine to Romania, Gheorghe Flutur - President of the Suceava County Council and Ruslan Zaparaniuk - Head of the Regional State Administration Chernivtsi.

Ukrainian grain transshipment railway terminal in Dorneşti

According to the data provided by Grampet Group, the grain transshipment terminal located in Dorneşti is the fifth terminal operated by that company and its flag company - Grup Feroviar Român. The investment marks a new chapter in the group's efforts to streamline rail infrastructure in the region and support Ukraine's reconstruction. After the outbreak of the war, the railway operators within the Grampet Group contributed substantially to the smoothing of traffic and the reactivation of the main corridors on the North-South axis, ensuring the transport of goods in the relationship with Ukraine. The new complex in Dorneşti will allow the transport of 3 million tons of grain, thus becoming a strategic point in streamlining the traffic of goods to the port of Constanţa. The Dorneşti terminal is designed to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. With a maximum designed capacity of 3 million tons, the complex is equipped with a wagon loading station (128 m long) and an unloading station (120 m long), which allow simultaneous loading/unloading of 8 wagons. The equipment is similar to that of the terminals in sea and river ports, which makes it possible to transport products without loss of quality and at maximum capacity, i.e. 500 tons per hour, i.e. 240,000 tons per month. The unloading line will be served by 18 supply cars and the loading line will be served by 19 supply cars.

The tower of the charging station, called Noria, is 17.3 meters high. The complex simultaneously transships 8 Ukrainian wagons with 8 Romanian wagons. In the transshipment terminal, two conveyor lines with a capacity of 250 tons/hour each are installed, and each line can work on a separate route or simultaneously in pairs, which ensures a continuous and fast transport flow for grain and agricultural products originating from Ukraine and intended for export through the port of Constanţa or through the Romanian ports on the Danube. From a technological point of view, it is possible to transship two different crops at the same time. Each line has a zero grade along its entire length, which allows shunting without a station locomotive. The station is located in the immediate vicinity of the station Vadul-Siret (Ukraine), which allows the loading and unloading of wagons in the shortest possible time.

According to Grampet, modern technological solutions and innovative approaches in the terminal make it possible to provide optimal indicators of electricity consumption per ton of transshipped product. All technological processes are automated and coordinated by dedicated teams of specialists.

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