Up to 40 types of tobaccos may be used for producing a premium brand of cigarettes

Emilia Olescu( Translated by Cosmin Ghidoveanu)
Ziarul BURSA #English Section / 21 februarie 2011

Gilda Lazăr, corporate affairs director of JTI România, says that making a fine cigarette very much resembles the art of making a quality wine. In order to give a premium cigarette its flavor, up to 40 tobaccos from different sources may be used. First, the dried tobacco leaves pressed into bars, go into a cutter, where they are sliced. After being sliced, the tobacco is inserted into a container where it receives the necessary humidity and is covered with sauces, for taste. Next stop is the silos, in which the tobacco will lie for a while so its flavor can settle. The humidified tobacco is later chopped. The masters of the tobacco mixes working in cigarette making companies are adept at creating cigarettes from complex combinations of tobacco, while at the same time complying with the legal requirements concerning the amount of tar, nicotine and carbon dioxide allowed, Mrs. Lazăr said.

According to Adrian Popa, Head of Corporate & Regulatory Affairs for South Eastern Europe of "British American Tobacco", the technology for manufacturing cigarettes is a complex process. He said that, when looked at in a simplified manner, this process includes two stages: the primary stage - the tobacco leaves are processed until obtaining the blend which is specific to each brand and the secondary stage - which is when the cigarettes are packaged.

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