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WHO IS THE NEW PRESIDENT?The skeletons in Iohannis' closet

VICTOR RONCEA (Translated by Cosmin Ghidoveanu)
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The autobiographic book "Step by step", written by Romanian president elect Klaus Iohannis, was the absolute best-seller at the Gaudeamus International Fair.

The autobiographic book "Step by step", written by Romanian president elect Klaus Iohannis, was the absolute best-seller at the Gaudeamus International Fair.

Former president Traian Băsescu speaking on TVR: "A presidential candidate has to be open like a book, a man about whom everything is known. When he was asked for the first time how he made the money for his six homes he said that he earned it by privately tutoring high school students... When I read that, I was laughing by myself in the office! How can a high-school physics teacher buy six homes with the money he made through tutoring?!... I felt sorry for not having become a physics teacher. (...) Man, between 2009 and 2014, you used to be the prime-minister of the Grivco faction, you had Mircea Geoană backing you, and with the help of the Grivco alliance you wanted to replace Emil Boc, you participated in the suspension of 2012, through the mandate that you gave your representative in the Romanian Parliament. Up until January you used to say that Ponta was good and Băsescu was bad. Now you have become the candidate of the right. Who are you, Iohannis? What do you believe in?"

The elections are over. The change has happened. Some have "taken their country back". Others have been left without it. But Romania's constitution is still unchanged. And it states: "No one is above the law." - art.16 (2). And yet, the newly elected Romanian president, Klaus Werner Iohannis, has his own interpretation of that article. He vehemently disputes a perfectly clear ruling of the National Integrity Agency (ANI), which unequivocally proves that he broke the law. Also, together with the obedient press and the sycophants on call, victims of a more refined Stockholm syndrome, the newly president elect ignores the definitive ruling of the Tribunal of Braşov, which certified the ill-faith of the Iohannis spouses in buying two buildings based on a forged inheritance certificate. The new president and his wife were forced to return to their true owners the buildings located in the center of Sibiu, which were part of the state's patrimony. During the 15 years that the proceedings lasted, one of the buildings has been leased to Raiffeisen Bank. Regardless of how much some naïve people wished they didn't exist, these facts come on top of a long string of reprehensible, abusive, immoral and illegal acts, which we will be referring to in this article, out of our sincerer wish to help Romania's citizens who have fallen prey to the Pavlovian experiment conducted nationwide in the last presidential elections. Our action is meant to be purely informative. It is born out of our concern that the problems of the man who will become Romania's president for the next five years - unless he gets suspended in order to comply with the Romanian legislation - are being treated in a manner similar to what happens in a dictatorship - namely ignored.

Iohannis gets three black marks from the National Integrity Agency (ANI)

Iohannis is not on his first transgression noted by the ANI. So far he's on strike three. To avoid being accused of bias, either in favor of Victor Ponta or Traian Băsescu, we are going to accept the risk of being considered "militants" and quote directly from the website of the institution that is the spearhead of the fight against corruption in the local and central administration, described as such by Monica Macovei in the European meetings, together with the National Anti-Corruption Department (DNA) and the Department for Countering International Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT).

Thus, on January 25th, 2010 we were officially informed that "the National Integrity Agency, based on the provisions of the Law no. 144/2007, republished, found that Mr. IOHANNIS KLAUS-WERNER has been in a position of incompatibility between April 23rd, 2003 and May 18th, 2004, because he simultaneously held the position of acting Mayor of Sibiu, as well as the position of member on the board of a company", namely S.C. Parcuri Industriale Sibiu-Şura Mică S.A.

On April 24th, 2013, the ANI wrote that "After our assessments, it was found that IOHANNIS KLAUS-WERNER was incompatible because he simultaneously held the position of Mayor of the City of Sibiu, as well as of representative of the City of Sibiu in the General Shareholder Meeting of S.C. APĂ CANAL S.A. Sibiu (starting on April 30th, 2009 and until the present day) and of S.C. PIEŢE S.A. (starting on August 5th, 2010 and until the present day), thus violating the provisions of art. 87, paragraph (1), letter f) of the Law no. 161/2003 concerning certain measures for ensuring transparency in the exercising of official positions, and in the business sector, preventing and sanctioning corruption, with its subsequent amendments and modifications".

On August 8th, 2013, the National Integrity Agency announced that "it has found that KLAUS-WERNER IOHANNIS (the mayor of the city of Sibiu) has violated the administrative and criminal legislation applicable to conflict of interest, because, on December 23rd, 2010, he has signed a service contract, concluded between the mayoralty of the city of Sibiu and S.C. Tipografia Honterus S.R.L., a company owned by the Democratic Forum of Romanian Germans (F.D.G.R.). KLAUS-WERNER IOHANNIS served as president of the F.D.G.R. between 2002 and 2013."

The reports of the criminal offenses of president elect Klaus Iohannis, which could be, of course, treated as "denigrations paid for by Victor Ponta" or "by Traian Băsescu", depending on our readers' blinkers, are available to any Romanian citizen to see, by typing the name IOHANNIS in the search form of the www.integritate.eu portal.

Strangely enough, even though she was a staunch supporter of the activity of the National Integrity Agency (ANI), former presidential candidate Monica Macovei has not yet made any statement at all, concerning these cases of blatant violation of the Law by the one who is set to become its most powerful enforcer.

But the facts reported above are not the only ones of the kind. Aside from them - aside from the real estate "skeletons" and the better known accusations of child trafficking, of the "90s - we could easily add the repeat offenses of false statements. They are as follows:

"1. False statements, because the Statement of Interests submitted by Mr. Klaus Werner Iohannis in 2012, posted on the website of the Mayoralty of Sibiu, does not mention his capacities of representative in the General Shareholder Meetings of S. C. Apă Canal S.A. Sibiu and S.C. Pieţe S.A. Sibiu.

2. False statements, because Mr. Klaus Werner Iohannis' statement of wealth for the year 2012, posted on the website of the Mayoralty of Sibiu, does not mention the monthly wages he received as representative in the General Shareholder Meetings of S. C. Apă Canal S.A. Sibiu and S.C. Pieţe S.A. Sibiu."

The quotes above come from Sibiu-based investigation publication "Justiţiarul", led by independent journalist Marius Albin Marinescu, considered by the current elect president as a "personal enemy". Together with publicist Dan Tomozei, Albin Marinescu is the only one who did not allow himself to be intimidated over the years by the pressure he has been subjected to, and has continued to publish revelations about the chain of criminal and corruption acts of the former mayor of Sibiu and president of the Democrat Forum of Romanian Germans, currently president of the National Liberal Party (PNL) and elect president of Romania.

Mob-like threats against journalists and 15 years of court proceedings to prove a forgery

Because of his investigations on the illegalities committed by the mayor of Sibiu, Dan Tomozei was "visited" on the sidewalk by an acolyte of Iohannis, driving a jeep, who threatened him, mob-style, that "sidewalks are a kind of narrow in Sibiu".

Dan Tomozei is no longer in Romania.

As for Marius Albin Marinescu, mayor Iohannis shut down the public library which the former had set up in Sibiu, in the same building as the Mihai Eminescu Library. This illegal act took place simultaneously with the closing down of the library, which was evacuated precisely on the day of the anniversary of poet Mihai Eminescu, in 2000, after Iohannis gained the ownership of a central building through fraud, only to immediately lease it to Raiffeisen Bank, which he collected a rent of 60,000 dollars from, paid in advance for three years.

In his articles, the journalist then proved, using documents, that the house in question, which is part of the state's patrimony, located at 29, Nicolae Bălcescu St., together with another, located at 35, G-ral Magheru St., have basically been stolen from the Romanian state, by forging some inheritance deeds and by making a fictitious transaction. Albin Marinescu was ostracized in the local press bought by the people cozy with to Mayoralty, being constantly ridiculed by the current elect president, whereas Dan Tomozei has even been accused of "racism", aside from the threats he was subjected to.

In 2005 however, the Iohannis spouses lost the building of the Magheru Street, after the Court of Appeal of Braşov, through the Civil Ruling no. 310/R, of June 30th, 2005, once again confirmed the forging of the inheritance certificate used in the sale transaction, thus annulling both deeds definitively and irrevocably.

Marius Albin Marinescu was therefore right.

The fight for justice until the end continued in court, however. For nine more years.

After twelve years of lawsuits, the proceedings initiated in 2002 for the recovery of the second building, which was sold using the same forged inheritance certificate, was resolved on May 16th, 2014, when the Court of Braşov tried case 262/62/2014 (formerly 850/62/2009) and through the Ruling no. 235/2014, of May 16th, 2014, took the building located in the city of Sibiu, at 29, Nicolae Bălcescu St., away from the false owners, Iohannis Klaus Werner, Iohannis Carmen Georgeta and Baştea Ioan.

The 12-year long tribulations began in the district court of the City of Sibiu, have continued in the County Court of Sibiu, and then the venue of the proceedings was changed to the Tribunal of Braşov, which rendered three rulings in favor of the real owners who had been robbed of their building.

Every time, the Court of Appeal of Braşov quashed the ruling and sent it for retrial to the Tribunal of Braşov, says Marius Albin Marinescu, who was an intervening party in this case.

Hundreds of thousands of Euros must be returned, after the court acknowledged the bad faith of the Iohannis spouses

The ruling of the Court of Braşov dealt a serious blow to the wallet of the Iohannis family, considering that, according to the wealth statement of mayor Klaus Iohannis, the two collected 228,132 lei per year by renting the building, an amount which, multiplied by 14 years, should now be paid to the true owners, who were illegally evacuated in 2000.

Furthermore, the Court of Braşov also certifies in its official act the bad-faith of the Iohannis spouses.

I hereby quote from the argumentation of the biased Ponta's/Basescu's biased legal system, available on portal.just.ro and of which "Justiţiarul" published comprehensive excerpts: "The ILLICIT END GOAL arising from the BREAKING OF THE LAW which has invalidated the heir certificate also extends to the subsequent sale contract, as the third parties, specifically defendant KLAUS WERNER JOHANNIS IS NOT PROTECTED BY THE PRESUMPTION OF GOOD-FAITH, given the MAGNITUDE OF THE ILLICIT OPERATION revealed through the definitive rulings rendered by the court (...) As the subsequent act was based on a legal agreement concluded by breaking the law and founded on an illicit goal, could not be validated through the mere claim of good-faith by the third-party, especially as the third party in question WAS THE SPOUSE of the other contracting party, who in turn has PARTICIPATED IN THE DRAFTING of the null and void initial act."

It is also worth noting that the policeman and prosecutor that ended the prosecution in this particular case in this particular case, in the early 2000s, were promoted shortly thereafter, according to information posted by "Justiţiarul". Policeman Tiberiu Ivancea became the chief of the Sibiu police, and prosecutor Ioan Irimie became first-prosecutor of the Prosecution Service of the Court of Sibiu.

How should these two public servants made to pay, when, fifteen years later, the courts ruled in favor of the families who were evacuated from their homes, acknowledging the thievery that the two Iohannis spouses did not acknowledge they were guilty of?

But what's more, have you seen any statement of apology expressing for the drama of those families, which were persecuted for 15 years, from the one who is supposed to care and show compassion for 20 million people?

We are left with Traian Băsescu's question: "Who are you, Iohannis? What do you believe in?"

The wealth of the Deutsche Volksgruppe Nazis

Another real estate fraud, this time on a much grander scale, is the takeover of the assets of former Nazi organization Deutsche Volksgruppe (The German Ethnic Group) by the Democratic Forum of Germans, led by the very mayor who approved the retrocession.

Just to make it clearer, Klaus Iohannis, as mayor, has accepted the retrocession of all the properties of the Nazi organization that were seized by the Romanian state, after the organization was disbanded and banned through a Law-Decree issued by former King Mihai, on October 7th, 1944, to the "successor" of the aforementioned Nazi organization, the Germans' Forum, that had as its leader none other than Klaus Iohannis himself.

Whereas Băsescu did the same thing for one apartment which he has awarded to himself - the one on Mihăileanu St., -, which sparked a national scandal, Iohannis has appropriated, for his organization and for the Reformed and Evangelical Confession, dozens of buildings, of which some are schools, hospitals, museums, etc, which are still maintained by the state, even though the Forum collects rent from the state.

Imagine that the rightful successors of the Romanian Legionary Movement got their hundreds of offices all over the country back, many of them erected by themselves, through a simple request. In this particular case, we are dealing with two completely distinct organizations, of which one has alluded to be the successor of the one that was dismantled through a Royal Decree issued in 1944, because of its Nazi affinities and of its anti-Romanian activities in Transylvania.

That boorish act, to paraphrase the current president elect, happened in 2007. Journalist Marius Albin Marinescu described it and provided the data and the facts to prove it: "Hans Klein (evangelical priest and local advisor for the FDGR), as president of the Sibiu organization of the Democratic Forum of Romanian Germans (F.D.G.R.), filed a lawsuit with the Court of Sibiu (case no. 1672/306/2007) against the city of Sibiu, represented by mayor Klaus Iohannis (the Klein in the F.D.G.R., with Iohannis being the head of the national organization of the FDGR itself!) and to the Local Council of Sibiu, wherein the F.D.G.R. had the absolute majority at the time, 16 councilmen (included "plaintiff" Hans Klein) out of a total of 23".

So basically, the Saxons of Sibiu sued themselves!

It would have been something had they actually lost!

They couldn't have, since the mayoralty of Sibiu did not show up for the hearings, nor did it challenge the ruling which acknowledged the FDGR as the successor of the German Ethnic Group, meaning that the civil ruling remained definitive and irrevocable at the level of the district court, a lower-level court, even though that ruling helped settle a very serious matter, which clearly concerned national security and blatantly violated an international treaty, The Truce Convention of September 12th, 1944 and an organic law (the Decree-Law no. 485, signed by former Romanian king Mihai on October 7th, 1944).

Those two legislative acts DEFINITIVELY disbanded the German Ethnic Group (Deutsche Volksgruppe).

Contrarily to those official deeds signed in the autumn of 1944, here is what Hans Klein was asking in the civil lawsuit filed with the District Court of Sibiu: "Please acknowledge the capacity of our organization as the legal successor to the rights of the German Ethnic Group (Deutsche Volksgruppe)", in other words, to make it clear, the official unequivocal admission of the Nazi doctrine which the German Ethnic Group was promoting not just in Romania, but across the entire European continent, prior to and during WW2.

Judge Maria Morar did not take long to approve the request of Hans Klein, the president of FDGR Sibiu, and as such, the FDGR became the OFFICIAL successor of Nazi organization the Ethnic German Group through the Civil Ruling no. 2790, of May 28th, 2007!

According to the documents of the Special Information Service (SSI) of the Kingdom of Romania, available in the National Archives, the German Ethnic Group actively fought for Romania's secession and to have Transylvania given to "Great Hungary".

A list for the National Anti-Corruption Department and for posterity

In order to avoid tiring the readers who are probably less interested in who Romania's elect president truly is, we will compile a list of the corruption acts, abuse in office and other transgressions against the law committed by Klaus Iohannis, according to the evidence supplied by the investigations of Dan Tomozei and of Marius Albin Marinescu, conducted over twenty years of investigative journalism:

- 1990. the involvement of the Iohannis spouses in international adoptions.

- 1992. "Don't ask me how I made my first million", most millionaires would say. We would ask Klaus Iohannis, where did he get the money to buy his first house in 1992, for 75,000 Deutsche marks (which is worth today an estimated 250,000 Euros), when his father had been a tinsmith, his mother a housewife and his own wife had been a teacher, just like him?

- 1998. The scandal of the transfer of the management of the school for the hearing impaired of Sibiu to a German foundation occurs, with the involvement of school inspector Klaus Iohannis. According to the investigations, the foundation in question had come to include in its records, as donations to the school for the hearing-impaired, dozens of tons of construction materials for the most varied uses, from dental practices to construction sites. The "German Connection" (the lawsuit has been frozen).

- 1999 - 2000. the real estate deals begin. The money collected from rent is not mentioned in the wealth statements filed during that time, until the end of the first decade of the 2000s.

- 2006. The Sibiu Airport Affair. Over 100 million Euros spent, and to this day, the performed works still do not-comply with security standards. German company Max Boegl, which was awarded the contract, was also favored in winning the contract for the Sibiu beltway.

- 2007. The useless investments made during the time of the European Cultural Capital event of 2007, of which the most spectacular - of almost 1 million Euros - was the one consisting in the rental, followed by the purchase, of a tent made in Germany. The "investment" was only useful in 2007. Since then, the tent has been stored and was never used again, because it no longer has any approval for use from the ISCIR (the State Inspectorate for the Verification of Boilers, pressurized recipients and lifting installations).

The situation is similar for the stages bought in 2007, for which no legal evidence that they have been used exists; thus, even though it owns stages, hundreds of chairs and bleachers, the mayoralty of Sibiu, continues to lease such items from private companies.

- The BMW affair. The issue of the latest generation cars offered for use by Bavaria Auto, as the mayor of Sibiu is suspected of having been paid bribes, considering that the company was awarded various benefits in Sibiu, from building permits to a permanent presence at the major events hosted by the mayoralty.

- The 55 million Euros Aqua Park, the clearing of the Dumbrava Forest and the favoring of Carabulea. Projects that have been disastrous for the city, such as the one of Ilie Carabulea, the millionaire owner of Atlassib, who was awarded a huge plot of land in the Dumbrava Forest natural reservation, which was attacked in order to build a luxury residential complex of 17-floor blocks of flats in the proximity of the ASTRA Village Museum. This was going to be located near a project of the Mayoralty, which would provide its whole infrastructure, specifically an Aqua Park pool, which had an estimated cost of 55 million Euros. At the time, ecologists protested heavily against this megalomaniacal and destructive project, as Sibiu is surrounded by barren plots of land. Nowadays they seem to have forgotten all about it.

- the construction of a mall in the center of Sibiu (after Iohannis said that he would never accept that), a mall which was designed to be accessed through the yard of the buildings of 29, Nicolae Bălcescu St., as yet another humiliating chicanery for the residents who refused to move and give up their homes and allow the project to proceed.

- The construction between 2006 and 2007 of the Ramada hotel, by the same partner of Iohannis, millionaire Ilie Carabulea, sentenced to eighteen months in prison in April 2012, which led to the city of Sibiu being removed from the UNESCO project, because it did not comply with any criterion concerning environmental adaptation and the architecture of the old city.

- The repairs and the restoration of historical buildings in the center of Sibiu, many of which were pulled down with the tacit approval of the Mayoralty of Sibiu - take for instance the oldest mill (razed in 2008), as well as the first Beer Factory (razed in 2005), both heritage buildings, and both of them demolished as a matter of urgency and without permits. Nobody answered for it, and Iohannis' mayoralty did nothing to uncover the truth, as long as the authors funded the projects of the mayoralty.

- The problem of the real estate assets of Sibiu was a restricted topic, due to the city being nominated as European Cultural Capital, as demolitions and the resulting harming of the many buildings in the old town center led to their collapse, an opportunity quickly seized by "well-intentioned" investors.

Several criminal complaints were filed against Klaus Iohannis with the National Anti-Corruption Department, with led to the beginning of several investigations, which were then closed and later reopened again. But none of them was finalized. Journalist Marius Albin Marinescu claims that the reason behind those lengthy deferrals, which spanned years can be explained through the connections of the local notabilities to the family of Romania's general prosecutor, Laura Codruţa Kovesi, who comes from Sibiu and whose father, Ion Lascu, also a prosecutor, has been in charge of the magistrates in the region for more than fifteen years.

However, the way that Klaus Iohannis escaped unscathed from all the illegal situations that he has been involved in arouses the suspicion that he has connections that ensure his discreet protection at a high level, with transnational implications, according to the assertions of the journalist of Sibiu.

Farewell to the ANI, farewell to the DNA!

If, through the power of the judges of the High Court of Cassation and Justice which are trying the case concerning the incompatibility of the mayor of Sibiu the law that the current president elect has broken, the result of the elections should be invalidated.

According to the provisions of the Law, Klaus Iohannis will be prohibited from holding any public office for a period of three years.

If this act of justice doesn't happen - even though there are many town councilors who have already been punished under those very same legal provisions - we can very well say "farewell to investigations!", "farewell to the ANI!", "farewell to the DNA!".

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