Authorities are conducting multiple campaigns for child safety.

English Section / 26 septembrie

Authorities are conducting multiple campaigns for child safety.

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Experts from the Institute for Research and Crime Prevention, as well as local specialized units, will carry out preventive actions during the 2023-2024 school year as part of ongoing projects and campaigns aimed at child safety. Among these are the project for preventing the disappearance of minors and voluntary departures, titled "Leaving Home is Not a Solution!" implemented in partnership with the Children's Helpline Association, with support from the US Embassy in Romania. There's also the project called "No Discrimination!" aimed at promoting non-discriminatory behavior, as well as the domestic violence prevention project called Bright Sky.

According to the Romanian General Police Inspectorate (IGPR), the "Online Safety" project for preventing cybercrime, implemented in partnership with the National Directorate for Cybersecurity (DNSC), the Romanian Banking Association (ARB), Microsoft Romania, SwissWeb Academy Association, and Ascendia, has a significant component dedicated to child safety. In this context, five preventive themes are being developed for teachers and students: Cybersecurity (general aspects), protecting identity and data online, gaming, preventing child pornography, and internet money safety.

The "Internet Heroes" project, implemented in partnership with the Adfaber Association with support from Google Romania, aims to inform and raise awareness among children about safe internet usage rules and the benefits of using the virtual environment as a source of knowledge and information. The "TEDI Safety School" program, implemented in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Maspex Romania, focuses on increasing the safety of first-grade students by informing them about potential dangers and providing age-appropriate educational preventive methods. The topics covered include preventing disappearances, home safety, preventive behavior at school, peer relationships, safety on the playground and during vacations, road safety, and internet safety. A first aid topic will also be introduced for the upcoming school year. Between September 11th and 22nd, police officers and gendarmes conducted patrols and inspections in the vicinity of educational institutions and carried out preventive activities to facilitate communication and adapt measures necessary to increase safety in the school environment. After the start of the new school year, crime prevention and school safety structures conducted 1,084 activities nationwide in 564 pre-university educational institutions, involving 43,948 beneficiaries. During this period, the police nationwide took action to prevent antisocial activities, organizing 5,105 operations, including 319 related to school safety. They also responded to 35,216 incidents, of which 29,765 were reported by citizens through the emergency hotline 112. National measures were taken to adapt public order and safety devices in the vicinity of pre-university educational institutions. During the first two weeks of the school year, public order police ensured the safety of students on their way to school and back home. Over 29,000 police officers were deployed in public order and safety operations in Bucharest and across the country.

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