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Automatic embroidery machine(photo source: facebook / cristiandanielstan2013)

Investment: 36 million lei for 31 schools

O.D.English Section / 21 februarie

Education needs investment, this is clear to everyone. A number of 31 educational units in the municipality of Târgovişte will benefit from investments of over 36 million lei, through the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), consisting...

Alexandru Rădulescu, Chief Sales Officer, ARQA

ARQA a tranzacţionat 50% din ARQA Jolie Village

F.D.Companii / 20 februarie

Dezvoltatorul imobiliar ARQA a vândut jumătate din întregul ansamblu rezidenţial ARQA Jolie Village din zona Iancu Nicolae, în mai puţin de un an de la începerea construcţiei, conform unui comunicat de presă al companiei.

Photo source: facebook / Ministry of National Defense - Romania

MApN employs professional soldiers

G.M.English Section / 15 februarie

The Ministry of National Defense has launched an extensive recruitment campaign for 5,093 professional and rank-and-file soldiers, with the recruitment and selection process taking place between February 12 and March 1, 2024, with the deadline...

Minister of Education, Ligia Deca (photo source: facebook)

School infrastructure, still a danger

O.D.English Section / 9 februarie

School infrastructure remains a danger to students and teachers in many areas. For now, the authorities express their regret after each incident, but the problems remain. The Minister of Education, Ligia Deca, reacted after the incident at a...

(Im)pure geometry

(Im)pure geometry

Dan NicolaieEnglish Section / 8 februarie

Dan Nicolaie

Every person who passed through a school "woke up" at some point with a ruler and a pencil in hand and with their help drew a straight line on a sheet of paper.

Emotions: National assessment simulations begin

Emotions: National assessment simulations begin

O.D.English Section / 5 februarie

The first emotions related to the exams of 2024 are appearing. Students and teachers will be able to find out where they are with subject acquisition/teaching. VIIIth grade students will take, today, the Romanian Language test as part of the...

Photo source: facebook / Untold

Emergency terrorists and pedophiles untold

I.Ghe.English Section / 31 ianuarie

The preparation of some terrorists in our country with the "blessing" of the Secretary of State Raed Arafat and the involvement of Bogdan Buta, patron of the Untold festival, in a pedophilia scandal are the press materials that Sorin...

Premiere: The national cyber security olympiad

Premiere: The national cyber security olympiad

O.D.English Section / 31 ianuarie

Education is bound to keep up with the times. The National Cyber Security Olympiad represents an important step in opening up students' appetite for a field of international interest, claims Manuela Catrina, deputy director of the National...

Romania - in Schengen, by air and by water

Romania - in Schengen, by air and by water

George MarinescuEnglish Section / 18 ianuarie

The government was focused in the 4th financial quarter to reduce the budget deficit that it faced in the middle of the year and in the 3rd quarter, so that the officials in Brussels do not block the allocation of funds for our country from the...

Education: Zero Tolerance for Any Form of Violence

Education: Zero Tolerance for Any Form of Violence

O.D.English Section / 17 ianuarie

Violence is a significant problem in Romanian schools. The Minister of Education, Ligia Deca, has stated that there must be zero tolerance for any form of violence in schools, emphasizing that it should be combated through collaboration between...

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