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Phopto source: facebook / AAGES SA

Aages business grew by 13% last year

ANDREI IACOMIEnglish Section / 28 februarie

The manufacturer of induction heating installations Aages Târgu Mureş (AAG) reported, for last year, a net profit of almost 6.8 million lei, slightly below that of the previous year, of 6.9 million lei, while the figure of net business had an...

Photo source: facebook / ENGIE

FP completed the transaction with Engie

Andrei Iacomi English Section / 21 februarie

Fondul Proprietatea (FP) completed the transaction by which it sold its 12% stake in Engie Romania to the company's majority shareholder, for 432.6 million lei, according to a FP report published yesterday on the Stock Exchange website...

The Luck of the Unlucky

Dan NicolaieEnglish Section / 10 ianuarie

Dan Nicolaie

The combination of luck and ambition is lethal. I faced it. Rarely, although it's not nice to count certain things. Yes, I know, talking about luck and ambition in the same decade is an event. Let's recount the confrontation. On New...

The President of ANRE, George Niculescu, showed that, during the eight months of his mandate, 15,620 petitions were registered and resolved, most in the field of electricity, respectively, 13,562. In the field of natural gas, 2,058 complaints were registered. For comparison, in 2021, 23,778 petitions were registered and in 2022 - 38,998 petitions.

Three energy suppliers, fined 18 million lei by ANRE

George MarinescuEnglish Section / 22 decembrie 2023

The National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE) fined three electricity suppliers with almost 18 million lei and sanctioned two others with a warning, because they purchased through the Centralized Electric Energy Purchase Mechanism (MACEE) a...

"Who Shares, Takes a Share"

"Who Shares, Takes a Share"

Radu SovianiEnglish Section / 15 decembrie 2023

Radu Soviani

Radu Soviani: Mr. Munteanu, what would a one-million coupon invested in SIFs have meant if there had been decent management, from launch, from listing, until now?

SGR - ready for November 30 release

SGR - ready for November 30 release

GEORGE MARINESCUEnglish Section / 28 noiembrie 2023

The launch of the Packaging Guarantee-Return System, on November 30, will position Romania in a position of European leadership in environmental protection and packaging management, said Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu, yesterday, on the occasion...

"Who Shares, Takes His Share"

"Who Shares, Takes His Share"

Radu SovianiEnglish Section / 24 noiembrie 2023

Radu Soviani

Radu Soviani: Mr. Farmache, now, more than 30 years since the start of the mass privatization program, I ask you what were the thoughts behind initiating this program and what were the most interesting elements in its evolution over the...

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