"Library from the bus", a gift for travelers

"Library from the bus", a gift for travelers

O.D.English Section / 24 aprilie

Culture takes to the streets more and more often to meet the public, and more recently, it also goes by bus. Travelers using public transport in Târgu Mureş will be able to access the "Bus Library", which will operate on several routes in...

Photo source: facebook / MuzeulBanatuluiTimisoaraOficial

Exhibition: "Weapons that Forged Romania"

O.D.English Section / 20 decembrie 2023

History is full of weapons, whether we like it or not. The National Museum of Banat (MNB) is proposing two temporary exhibitions for the end of this year, both of which will be inaugurated simultaneously tomorrow, showcasing, among other things,...

Sebastian Burduja, the Minister of Energy, stated: "There are Romanians who are still struggling with poverty and energy poverty. That is why I am very happy that today (ed. - yesterday) I can announce that, together with Mr. Dumitru Chisăliţă (ed. - president of AEI) and the Intelligent Energy Association, the Ministry of Energy signs a partnership to combat poverty energetic".

Support for the electrification of needy households

George MarinescuEnglish Section / 14 noiembrie 2023

More than 1000 needy households will benefit from the necessary support for heating during this winter according to the "Heated houses for needy families" project launched yesterday with the conclusion of the Partnership to Combat Energy...

Cybercriminals exploit the Israel conflict

Cybercriminals exploit the Israel conflict

O.D.English Section / 19 octombrie 2023

Cybercriminals take advantage of any opportunity to do harm. The conflict in Israel has provided them with such an opportunity. Cybersecurity experts have discovered a new phishing campaign in which hackers attempt to exploit the emotions of...

Minister of Culture Raluca Turcan (photo source: facebook)

Culture faces a new issue: consolidation

O.D.English Section / 12 septembrie 2023

Cultural institutions in our country receive less pleasant news from authorities on a regular basis. The Minister of Culture, Raluca Turcan, has announced that the deadline for the consolidation of certain cultural institutions is January 1,...

School is starting, every one for themselves!

School is starting, every one for themselves!

OCTAVIAN DAN (Translated by Cosmin Ghidoveanu)English Section / 14 septembrie 2020

A new school year begins today, and the joy up until now has been replaced with fear and in some cases even with terror. The sanitary crisis is causing headaches for the authorities, teachers, children, and even to those who are...

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