Chimopar to Borrow 4.42 Mln EUR from Unicredit Tiriac Bank

Ziarul BURSA #English Section / 29 iunie 2007

Inorganic chemicals producer Chimopar Bucharest (simbol CPR la BVB) intends to sign a 4.42 million EUR loan contract with Unicredit Tiriac Bank, following a restructuring of facilities offered by Unicredit Romania before the merger with Allianz Tiriac. The proposal will be discussed in the Extraordinary General Meeting called on July 31st.

Chimopar will guarantee the loan through a mortgage on a parcel of land measuring 232,120.01 square meters and buildings located in Bucharest occupying 89,997 square meters.

In the General Meeting scheduled on July 26th, the company"s Board of Directors will discuss an increase in share capital by 2.73 million RON to 23.19 million RON. Jafco Holding Romania SA has subscribed for shares worth 2.149 million RON, the remaining 581,450 RON being subscribed by minority shareholders SIF Muntenia, Broadhurst Investments Limited, Norma Abbas Choeib, SC Avrig 35 SRL and Rafic Jawad Badran. Chimopar has a share capital of 20.46 million RON, divided into shares with a face value of 2.5 RON.

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