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Dan Nicolaie
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Dan Nicolaie

EURO 2024 is knocking on our door and it would be polite to open it. Tomorrow, the ball starts with a dance (Germany - Scotland) in which it is possible to lack fantasy, but we are sure that there will be no discount from the effort. The most important thing is that we are also present at this final tournament through our representatives. The optimists dream of the semi-finals for the tricolors, the pessimists are more thoughtful than ever. Lovers of balance, we advise you to make an average in terms of expectations, so that you do not suffer too big shocks after the first matches.

As usual, Ziarul BURSA has this time also prepared a special place ( where you can gather the essential information, but also something more. The tournament promises to be a very strong one, one in which the big favorites (Italy, Germany, France, Spain, England, Portugal) feel the threat of the returning teams (Netherlands, Belgium) but also the desire to affirm the formations coming from the background (Ukraine , Turkey).

The tricolors did not look very good in the two friendly games played this month, but let's hope that this time the score at home will not look the same as the one in the fair, but with negative-positive poles, changed. As at the beginning of any journey we must focus on the positive issues, one thing is certain, this tricolor team is very good at ambition and cohesion. The selector Edward Iordănescu must continue to insist on these qualities and it is possible that the results will appear. The team is loved by the supporters, 5,000 people at a training session is no small thing, and this can be a great moral help. As I said from the beginning, it is important to have a balance, both for the players and for the supporters, which does not go from one extreme to another suddenly, depending on one result or another. We have the opportunity to enjoy football and it would be a shame to miss this.

Objective, passing the groups

The objective of the tricolors is a very clear one: the exit from the groups. Radu Drăguşin, the best rated tricolor player, said in the training camp of the Romanian national football team in Wurzburg (Germany), that he and his colleagues start the European Championship with the idea of getting past the group stage, an achievable goal in his opinion: "We start thinking that we want to get out of the group, that's our goal. And I think it's a goal that we can achieve, because we've always been "underdogs" (we're not among the favorites). The world didn't think we could do it this, the qualification, must give us a lot of confidence. The way we defend in Tottenham is different from the way we defend in the national team the better you adapt to the coach's requirements, the better player you become". The footballer also said what the short-term approach will be: "In the next period we will study Ukraine very well and we will make a plan to win the match. Statistically speaking, the first two matches in the group are very close. The teams do not take risks, they are very settled But in this group every match can qualify you. We have to be balanced, but we don't have to take a very soft approach either." Radu Drăguşin mentioned that he wants the supporters to come in as large a number as possible to the matches of the national team: "We are happy to be here and that many supporters came to see us at training. And we hope to have a large number of fans at every match we will play here. Maybe the fans don't realize how important they are in difficult moments... but a "Come on, Romania' shouted by the whole stadium gives you a lot of energy here for us ... from the moment we landed we saw how we were received and how many Romanians came here for us. It's a feeling of pride to be here because it's something we worked for and wanted (...) The mood at the end of the qualification campaign has not changed even after these two test matches. And we want to maintain this mood throughout the period here. There is an excellent atmosphere in the middle of the group, too I say that these two friendly people gave us many answers, because they were very honest with us. I think we are ready to face this European". Romania will make its debut at EURO 2024 on June 17, against Ukraine, in Munich, and then it will face Belgium, on June 22, in Cologne, and Slovakia, on June 26, in Group E. in Frankfurt.

The statistics are not favorable to us

Even if they are not playing on the field, the statistics are very important. The players from the Romanian national team have a value on the transfer market of 91 million euros, the lowest value among the teams participating in Euro-2024. Albania has a more valuable lot than Romania, valued at 139 million euros, and Romania's opponent in group E, Slovakia, has a lot of 161 million euros. Belgium has a lot of 669 million euros, and the players of Ukraine are quoted at 534 million euros. The leader in the ranking of the lot value is England (1.69 billion euros), followed by France (1.41 billion euros) and Portugal (1.22 billion euros). According to the European Football Observatory (CIES), in terms of the average age of the players in the team, Romania is in 15th place, with 27.4 years. The oldest team is Scotland, with 28.8 years, and the youngest is the Czech Republic, with 25.8 years. The average height of the Romanian national team is 1.84 meters, being on the 16th place, on a par with Switzerland and Turkey. The team with the tallest players is Serbia (1.86 meters), and the one with the lowest average height is Spain (1.81 meters). Regarding the number of players from the national team who play in other championships, Denmark and Albania only have footballers from abroad. Romania has 73 percent footballers from other championships and is in 14th place. The national team with the fewest players from other championships is England, only 8 percent.

Based on these calculations, Germany, Spain, France and England are favorites to reach the semifinals of Euro-2024. According to the total calculations, Romania is ranked 21st, followed by Hungary, Albania and Georgia.

EURO 2024, we have someone to support!

Tribute to Franz Beckenbauer

Franz Beckenbauer, one of the legends of world football, who passed away on January 7 at the age of 78, will be honored at the opening ceremony of EURO 2024, which will take place on Friday at the Allianz Arena in Munich, before the inaugural match between the teams of Germany and Scotland. The emblematic captains of the European champion German teams, Bernard Dietz (1980) and Juergen Klinsmann (1996), will accompany the wife of the one who was nicknamed the "Kaiser", Heidi, to the presentation of the "Henri Delaunay" Cup on the field, before at the start of the tournament, on which occasion the three German teams that won the continental title will be presented. Beckenbauer was the captain of West Germany at the European Championship in 1972, won by the "Mannschaft" after the victory in the final against the Soviet Union, also participating in the victory in the World Cup in 1974, but also in winning the world title in 1990 as a selector of the German team. Beckenbauer played for Bayern between 1964 and 1977, winning four of the 32 Bundesliga titles, as well as three European Champions Cups. He was the coach of the Bavarians twice and the president of the club from 1994 to 2009.

The European Cohesion Tour

The President of the Organizing Committee of EURO 2024, Philipp Lahm, stated, in an interview given to the German press agency SID, that the tournament will be a success if it brings "greater cohesion in Germany, but also in Europe": "I I wanted to organize a tour that is part of our era. And here, we have always attached great importance to sustainability: bringing people together, celebrating our common values. In terms of social relations, we have been affected by the pandemic, and an event of this magnitude can help us. On the other hand, we want to promote the theme of the environment through this tournament, we want to establish new norms in the field".

"In the social field, there are many projects with which we want to bring people together. Of course, we also want an inclusive tour, in which everyone can participate, to be accessible to everyone, for example the blind or physically disabled. We have adapted the calendar of matches so that the teams and their supporters are not forced to travel too far from one match to another," said Philipp Lahm. He also specified: "Such a competition is always a platform for social and political issues. And the example of EURO 2021 (postponed due to Covid-19 and organized in 11 different countries) shows that it is possible. For our democratic values and European, EURO 2024 can be used at any time. I think that EURO 2024 will be a success if we feel a great cohesion, in our society, in Germany, but also in Europe. Immediately after the EURO, the Olympic Games will start in France, and then we will ask ourselves how much these great events have contributed to the cohesion of Europe. I would like at least the EURO to allow us to find a more united Germany".

Artificial Intelligence bets on England

Artificial intelligence (AI) has established the favorite teams of the European Football Championship - EURO 2024 (June 14 - July 14), predicting that England will win the trophy. The OCBScores website analyzed millions of possible scenarios, taking into account factors such as the performance, the potential of each national team or the draw of the final stage, to determine the chances of each team to win the tournament. According to IA, three favorites have emerged: Germany, France and England. According to the calculations, Harry Kane's English have a 34.4% chance of winning the competition, ahead of Kylian Mbappe's France (28.3%) and Germany (13.5%), the host of the competition. France, eliminated by Switzerland in the round of 16 at the 2021 edition, to the general surprise, would reach the final again, just like at EURO 2016 (when it lost after extra time to Portugal), without conquering this time either trophy, according to OCBScores

Opta Supercomputer, in turn, rates England with the first chance at the final victory, but with 19.9%, followed by France (19.2%) and Germany (12.4%). At the same time, Opta grants a percentage of 18.3% to the selected Romanian team to pass the group stage, 5.6% to reach the semifinals, 1.6% to qualify for the final and 0.5% to won the trophy.

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