EXCLUSIVE - HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS PRINCE PAUL OF ROMANIA:"I am the heir of the 62.5% of the royal estate"

EMILIA OLESCU (Translated by Cosmin Ghidoveanu)
Ziarul BURSA #English Section / 25 martie 2013

"I am the heir of the 62.5% of the royal estate"

"The reconciliation of the family will help the country's image"

Our court recently took the first step, after almost 22 years, in the lawsuit filed by Prince Paul in order to acknowledge the first born of the Romanian Royal family.

The High Court of Cassation and Justice (ÎCCJ) has finished drafting the argumentation of the decision made one year ago, according to which his Royal Highness Prince Carol Mircea of Romania, father to prince Paul, has been acknowledged in Romania as well as a legitimate father and legal heir of his Majesty King Carol the 2nd.

Thus, after 21 years, from the moment the lawsuit was first filed, the Romanian High Court of Cassation and Justice has issued an irrevocable and final ruling in favor of His Royal Highness Prince Paul of Romania in the Exequatur case, by which he has requested the acknowledgement of the Lisbon ruling, issued 55 years ago, by which His Royal Highness, Prince Carol Mircea of Romania has been confirmed, since back in 1955, as the first legitimate son of His Royal Highness King Carol the 2nd. The ruling in Lisbon has been acknowledged in France, Great Britain and Switzerland.

As part of a comprehensive interview, his Royal Highness Prince Paul has kindly provided us with information about this process: "I have been acknowledged as the first born in the first line of masculine heritage and, according to the last royal constitution, I have the right to the heritage, both in terms of the dynasty, as well as in terms of the royal fortune.

According to the ruling of Portugal and to the Romanian Civil Code, I am entitled to 62.5% of the heritage - 37.5% of my father's share and 25% of the share of Princess Elena, born Lupescu (my grandfather's third wife), a share which I have received separately. It is what has been decided in Portugal. Based on that, we will discuss what is happening in Romania as well.

Over here, the chart of heirs has never been opened and nothing should have been given back of the Royal fortune until the completion of the Exequator process".

After the drafting of the reasons for the argumentation of the ruling, information has transpired that His Majesty King Mihai has asked Prince Paul to have talks. However, His Royal Highness, has denied these rumors: "It is a disinformation. We have tried ten years ago to see each other, but we have failed. My intention is to have a meeting with my uncle as soon as possible. I think that it is time to reach an understanding, after all we are a family and < blood is thicker than water >. Also, our family's reconciliation will help the image of the Royal Family, as well as Romania's image".

Veronel Rădulescu, one of the lawyers of Prince Paul, who provided us with details about the history of this case, as well as about the consequences of the ruling, feels that the two members of the Royal Family should reach an understanding when it comes to the Royal fortune.

Her Royal Highness Princess Lia of Romania, who, together with his Royal Highness prince Paul, has a 3-year old boy - young prince Carol Ferdinand - has spoken herself, about the manner in which the princely couple is helping spur the Romanian entrepreneurial sector and promoting Romania's image in other countries.

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