Financing of 157 million lei for the construction of an integrated professional campus

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Financing of 157 million lei for the construction of an integrated professional campus

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Funding education is investing in the future. In Vrancea, the contract was signed for the construction, in Focşani, of the integrated professional, high school and university Campus, a project worth over 157 million lei, financed by the National Rehabilitation and Resilience Program (PNRR). The announcement was made by the vice-president of the Vrancea CJ, Ionel Cel-Mare: "I signed at the Ministry of Education, together with Minister Ligia Deca, with the two rectors of the University of Bucharest and the "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University of Iasi, and with the economic agents involved, the financing contract for the construction of "Integrated professional, high school and university campus in Vrancea county". It is a project of the soul of the former president Cătălin Toma and I am glad that we had the chance to sign it. I hope that when the construction is finished, let's also name this campus after Professor Cătălin Toma. The total value of the project is 157,146,578 lei. The total value eligible through the PNRR is 154,596,000 lei. (...) The CJ's contribution is 30,934,000 lei, a fairly large amount that we have committed to put in, so that on December 31, 2025, the construction and equipment of the campus will be finished". According to the Minister of Education, Ligia Deca, this dual integrated campus represents an opportunity for students from Vrancea who choose this educational path to take their studies up to the professional doctorate level: "This dual integrated campus means a step forward for everything that would involves qualified human resources for employers in Focşani and Vrancea county. It represents an extraordinary investment, over 20 million euros, so that universities, technological high schools that will carry out activities in a dual regime, companies and local public authorities pool resources and efforts so that all children have the opportunity for a full dual pathway Now, if you decide that the technology-dual route is the best option for your child, that child has the opportunity to go on to higher education , up to a professional doctorate. Moreover, at the end of the studies, the job is guaranteed by the company itself, which will be directly involved in the educational process. I think it is wonderful for all communities in Romania and especially for Vrancea, to have such an integrated dual campus". the land being arranged with green spaces, sidewalks, alleys, sports fields and parking spaces. The complex will also have 12 parking stations for electric vehicles. The entire campus will have four separate bodies, the main body, composed of the ground floor and three floors, a dormitory for the accommodation of pupils and students who will study here, a canteen and a gym. More than 10,000 pupils, but especially pupils from the technological sector, could benefit from the creation of this professional campus. The Chief Inspector of the Vrancea County School Inspectorate, Daniela Marchitan said:

"We are one of the ten counties in the country that have benefited from the approval of this campus construction project, which I think is no small feat. For the education in Vrancea, it will be an opportunity, for our children, to keep them close to home. at the level of Vrancea county, at the moment, there are 10,559 students enrolled in high school education. We have 4,483 students in the theoretical stream, 5,000 students in the technological stream and 1,042 students in the professional stream. This consortium and this campus are primarily aimed at students from the technological. We have, at the county level, 36 specializations, so the offer of schools is quite wide and we are open to improving this offer, at the request of economic operators. We started dual education at the level of Vrancea county before creating this consortium (. ..) and have already managed to educate two groups of students on this form of dual education. First of all, in dual education we prepare students, not only theoretically, but above all we are interested in the practical part and the expertise that we can offer the economic operators and in addition, why not recognize the help that the economic operators give to these students. It is about that scholarship offered by operators that comes on top of the scholarship offered by the state. This help, from my point of view, I think is welcome for many students. We will succeed in reducing school dropouts and we will succeed in training specialists who will stay with us, in Vrancea". Until now, three businessmen from the county, from different fields, from commerce, fine mechanics and even clothing, have been involved in the successful development of this project, namely Feliciu Paraschiv, Stan Gheorghe and Silviu Simiz. Their approach has a clear objective, the easier finding of qualified young people for employment.

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