Florin Jianu, CNIPMMR: "Romania must train human resources suitable for industrial fields"

English Section / 4 martie

Florin Jianu, CNIPMMR: "Romania must train human resources suitable for industrial fields"

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"Investments do not go in tandem with what the economy and society actually needs"

Our country must train human resources suitable for industrial fields, said Florin Jianu, the President of the National Council of Small and Medium Private Enterprises in Romania (CNIPMMR), on the occasion of the press conference where the BCR Romania Purchasing Managers' Index was presented.

Florin Jianu said: "Romania continues to have an economy based on exports of raw materials, which was also noticed in 2023, a year in which, for example, chemical products or manufactured goods represented significant increases (between 13% and 17%) upon import. Therefore, I believe that the future of Romania must mean the financing of companies from various manufacturing industries, the support of job creation and above all the training of adequate human resources in the industrial fields".

According to the president of CNIPMMR, entrepreneurs from various fields note a decrease in new orders, and the new fiscal regulations do not solve the problem of unfair competition in our country, namely the gray economy. "Equally, entrepreneurs do not expect new hires. Besides, and from the INS data in January, we saw that, especially in the industrial area, although there is some relative increase in requests for new jobs, they cannot be filled because there are no suitable people", said Florin Jianu .

The president of CNIPMMR stated that entrepreneurs in the industrial area complain that new, young entrepreneurs are not coming later. "Maybe because it's difficult for them, maybe because the added value is small, maybe it takes a lot of time, maybe other areas are more attractive, maybe they can go to other industries or the service area, or maybe, at the beginning of the journey, it is more difficult to make investments in the industry, which are much more consistent from the perspective of costs", said Florin Jianu.

According to his lordship, in addition to exporting raw materials, our country imports value-added products. "We cannot escape from this circle. If we look at the type of investments, the most important being from European funds, we see that Romania is still not targeted. Even in what the regional typology of the economy means, it does not go in tandem with what education means, with what the economy and society actually need".