Conferinţa BURSA “Energia în priză”Conferinţa BURSA “Energia în priză”

GABRIELA MIHAELA VOICILĂ, THE BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT MINISTER:"Where there are entrepreneurs there is creation, where there are women entrepreneurs there is divine creation"

Emilia Olescu (translated by Cosmin Ghidovean)
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"Where there are entrepreneurs there is creation, where there are women entrepreneurs there is divine creation"

Where there are many entrepreneurs there is creation, where there are many women entrepreneurs there is divine creation, says Gabriela Mihaela Voicilă, state secretary in the Ministry for the Business Environment, Trade and Entrepreneurship (MMACA). In her opinion, entrepreneurship means joy, a better situation, but less time for the family: "Taken together, entrepreneurship means achievements (...) Every one of us needs validation, for having built, having created something".

Among other things, the representatives of the MMACA evidenced our business sector we do not have enough labor force and an optimal legislative framework, but we have mentioned that not only Romania is having problems with the workforce and that the authorities are preparing to bring in workers from other countries.

Our authorities have a series of projects by which they would support the development of female entrepreneurship, said Gabriela Mihaela Voicilă, who stated: "The Romanian state and the European Union is waiting for us to take their money". Romania has mentioned that among the existing programs there is both Start-Up Nation, as well as some programs that are addressed mainly at women in the rural sector who want to start craftsmanship activities and Swiss programs for female entrepreneurs in Romania (with preferential interests and support on the logistics side).

She said that people are tempted to go for negative statements, addressing female entrepreneurs in the room: "We have to try, to learn to see the things that work, because there is discontent everywhere".

Gabriela Voicilă thinks that globalization has taken us by surprise, emphasizing that we are deadlocked because the domestic market cannot swallow anymore, "as it is represented by giants that have supermarkets".

The state secretary has reminded that in the past we had significant exports of furniture to the former USSR, asking why we couldn't do that now, when the Romanian furniture reaches standards which we haven't had before.

"Biological products will sell increasingly better", she thinks, and she also said that Romanian wines are in great demand.

"There are many chances, what is important is to try and seize them. We need you. We the state, we know the doors that close in your face for no reason and we know the problems you face", the MMACA representative addressed to the entrepreneur women present in the event.

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