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IN THE SECOND HALF OF THE MONTH,The Hifu Clinical Center will launch the first Romanian radiotherapy center

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Mr. Nicolae Verga, medical manager of the HTC Clinical Center

Mr. Nicolae Verga, medical manager of the HTC Clinical Center

The Clinical Center Clinic Hifu Terramed Conformal (CC-HTC) of Bucharest began its operations in November 2009. After a 3 million Euro investment even as the economic and financial crisis was in full swing, the 4 private shareholders of the company have decided to continue expanding the range of services that the clinic provides.

Mr. Nicolae Verga, the medical director of CC-HTC, said: "In 2010, we are looking to treat a minimum of 2 patients a day using the HIFU-HCU method. Patients will be treated with the Haifu JK200 device (which cost 1.2 million Euros), which is a generator of focused high intensity ultrasound, which destroys cancer tissues by overheating them. The device can be used to treat solid tumors located of the liver, kidneys, pancreas, bones, breasts, muscles and adipose tissue. In order to expand the range of treatments available, we intend to buy two new modules, for otolaryngological and prostate disorders. Later this month, we will launch the radiotherapy section, which is a first in the Romanian private healthcare sector".

Mr. Verga said that the Gulmay Xstrahl 300, device, produced in 2009, produces excellent results in dermatology, in the case of inflammations and oncological disorders. The equipment has the benefit of providing easy access to the lesions, quick positioning of the patient and efficiency of the treatment.

All these investments complement the testing laboratories of the clinic, which serve both patients undergoing treatment, as well as patients coming in for testing, and the cutting edge ultrasound scanner which allows the option of combining CT and Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

Dr.Verga stressed that the clinic is working on concluding an agreement with the Healthcare Office of the City of Bucharest to allow the clinic to provide radiotherapy treatments. Thus patients will benefit from free treatment, with their cost being subsidized by the Healthcare Office.

Prices are far cheaper than in developed countries

Since the opening, CC-HTC has received numerous applications for evaluating patient files. On average 15% of the oncology patients qualify for the treatment. The commission which includes doctors trained in China (where the Haifu equipment is produced) as well as medical experts has reviewed 400 application in one month. The HIFU-HCU treatment is painless, does not cause bleeding, safe and stimulates the immune system.

Dr. Nicolae Verga said: "This method is currently the only alternative to the classic treatment methods available in Romania. The average price ranges between 1,200 and 1,500 Euros, depending on each patient"s troubles, far less than in countries such as the United Kingdom, Spain or Italy".

Dr. Nicolae Verga: "Romania is the fourth European country which uses a Haifu JK200 device, along with the UK, Italy and Spain. This device has already been used in Russia, South Korea and in hundreds of clinics in China for several years".

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