Investment: 36 million lei for 31 schools

English Section / 21 februarie

Automatic embroidery machine(photo source: facebook / cristiandanielstan2013)

Automatic embroidery machine(photo source: facebook / cristiandanielstan2013)

Versiunea în limba română

Education needs investment, this is clear to everyone. A number of 31 educational units in the municipality of Târgovişte will benefit from investments of over 36 million lei, through the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), consisting of equipping classrooms with digital equipment, equipping laboratories and workshops practice.

The mayor of the municipality, Daniel Cristian Stan, said: "They are being equipped: 18 computer laboratories, fully; 536 classrooms, with digital equipment; 442 classrooms, with furniture and didactic materials; 16 science laboratories (physics, chemistry, biology/ multidisciplinary), with furniture and didactic materials, as well as with digital equipment; 67 offices by discipline, psycho-pedagogical assistance offices and gyms, with furniture, sports materials and digital equipment; 6 practice workshops , with specialized materials and equipment, including the digital component, in accordance with the specifications of the Vocational Training Standards in force, associated with schooled professional qualifications". He also posted a picture of a modern piece of equipment intended for a practice workshop: "Do you know what is in the attached image? It is a state-of-the-art automatic embroidery machine intended for the textile-leather workshop of the "Spiru Haret' Technological High School. The equipment was purchased and delivered as part of the investment "Equipping with furniture, didactic materials and digital equipment of pre-university education units and related units in the municipality of Târgovişte", in the amount of 35,980,238.48 lei, which ensures the provision and equipment of the 31 educational units from the municipality of Târgovişte". More than 1.068 billion euros is the total value of the call for projects financed by PNRR, opened by the Ministry of Education, for the endowment of pre-university education units and related units, in order to implement the objectives of the Educated Romania project.