Labor Market: Salary, Main Reason for "Divorce"

English Section / 12 aprilie

Labor Market: Salary, Main Reason for "Divorce"

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Salary remains the primary consideration for both employees and employers, even though the pandemic has slightly shifted perspectives. A higher salary remains the main objective for those planning to change jobs in the near future. Another objective is the possibility of working from home, according to a survey conducted by a recruitment platform. According to this survey, 47% of respondents are currently looking for a new job, while 40.6% state that although changing jobs is not a priority, they are willing to apply and will do so if they find something they believe suits them. Only 12.5% firmly state that they are not currently seeking employment. According to data from the survey conducted by eJobs: "A higher salary is the main objective for those planning to change jobs in the near future, appearing in 78.2% of responses. The next most important thing for them, in the perspective of a new hiring, is the possibility of working from home, mentioned by 37.2% of respondents. Other things they are looking for include career advancement opportunities (35.9%), more fringe benefits (33.7%), motivating projects (35.2%), or more job stability (29.9%). Friendlier colleagues or a more understanding manager are the next aspects they would like to find in the new job." According to the cited source, salary increases recur in the responses of those who participated in the survey. Thus, asked what would turn them around and convince them to stay at their current job, even though they have already decided to leave, 71.8% spoke about a salary increase. 39.2% could be convinced by a reconsideration of the package of fringe benefits, 35.3% would stay if they had a flexible schedule, and 23.2% would like more vacation days. For 15.8%, current colleagues could influence this decision, and for 11.5%, the manager could. However, there are situations where, even if a company generally has a good reputation, candidates would refuse a job. 50.1% say they would not accept a job if the proposed salary and benefits package were unsatisfactory, 33% could not overlook a potential lack of compatibility between their own values and the company's culture, and 14.6% would refuse a job at a company with a strong brand but no professional development opportunities. The survey was conducted in March-April, on a sample of 1.002 current employees.

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