MApN acquires missile systems worth 9.48 billion lei

English Section / 20 noiembrie

The image has an illustrative role. Source: facebook / Romanian Air Force

The image has an illustrative role. Source: facebook / Romanian Air Force

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The Ministry of National Defense, through its subordinate company, Romtehnica, has launched the public procurement procedure for short and very short-range air defense systems SHORAD/VSHORAD - state-of-the-art surface-to-air missiles, the contract being estimated at 9.48 billion lei, an amount that will be paid from the state budget.

According to the procurement description, the SHORAD-VSHORAD integrated weapon system comprises two integrated weapon systems, namely a SHORAD system and a VSHORAD system, each of which must be organized into the following seven subsystems: command-control-communications-computers and information subsystem , the data assurance subsystem (sensors), the strike/weapons subsystem, the training subsystem, the vehicle and transport platform subsystem, the energy subsystem, and the logistics support subsystem. The simulation system for the verification and evaluation of VSHORAD operators must allow training activities to be carried out through simulated firing in conditions as close as possible to real ones, according to the particularities of the missions, aiming at: rapid and correct identification of aerial targets, training of the shooter for timely countermeasures in short, the accurate execution of firing operations, the gunner's assessment of firing operations, the rules of engagement and airspace control measures, the avoidance of accidental use of aerial equipment and incidents related thereto.

The products must be deployable by sea, air, road or rail. As part of the contract, the supplier must also deliver the system for teaching future Romanian operators how to work with these systems.

The offers will be opened on January 8, 2024, and their tie-breaking will be done primarily according to the technical component, then the price and the delivery time.

According to recent statements by General Daniel Petrescu, Chief of the Defense Staff, Romania wants to acquire 27 SHORAD/VSHORAD anti-aircraft systems, as well as MANPAD portable anti-aircraft missile systems. These systems will complement the Patriot long-range systems.

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