President Macron inaugurates the Olympic Village

English Section / 29 februarie

Photo source: facebook / Emmanuel Macron

Photo source: facebook / Emmanuel Macron

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The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, will inaugurate the Olympic Village in Saint-Denis today, five months before the Olympic Games in Paris (July 26 - August 11). The President visited this place more than two years ago, in October 2021, at a time when the Olympic Village was just a vast construction site. Emmanuel Macron will be able to appreciate the success of this project, built in seven years, which brings together almost 82 buildings, 3,000 apartments and 7,200 rooms, on a plot of land that stretches over 52 hectares, in the north of Paris, between Saint-Denis, insult Saint-Denis and Saint-Ouen. The work for the reception of the 206 Olympic delegates will not end tomorrow, the organizers will have to work for the next five months because the delivered apartments are empty, and now they will have to be equipped, the furniture installed (beds, bedside tables, etc.) and service centers for athletes set up .

"This represents more than 345,000 pieces in total, which will be transported. There will be 14,250 duvets, bedside tables, beds, we will have 8,200 fans and 5,535 sofas," said Laurent Michand, director of the Olympic and Paralympic Villages at Paris-2024. "There will be two athletes in a room of 12 square meters and a bathroom for four people. Everyone will be accommodated in the same conditions," he added. The equipment of these apartments, as well as the numerous services that the athletes and their staff will enjoy during their stay in the Olympic Village, will be provided by the sponsors. During the Olympic Games, the Village will really function like a classic city. Athletes will be able, for example, to wash their clothes in temporary laundromats, with nearly 600 washing machines and dryers available. The maintenance of the apartments in over 70 residences will be provided by 12 specialized services scattered throughout the Village. Only the kitchens will be missing from the apartments. The athletes will have 24-hour access to a giant restaurant, with a choice of six culinary themes (Italy, Asia, France, etc.) for almost 3,200 seats and 40,000 meals served per day. A second restaurant will be installed on the island of Saint-Denis, and "food trucks" will be distributed throughout the Olympic Village, "to allow the athletes to have an alternative to catering", emphasized Laurent Michaud. A store universal, a police station, a hairdressing salon, a fitness room, a bar (without alcohol) and a multi-faith center: athletes should not miss anything. Even a post office will be temporarily installed in this town. A polyclinic of 3,000 square meters will also be available. Athletes will be able to go there at any time, to receive treatment or for a CT or MRI. To travel in this village "bicycles will be made available" added Laurent Michaud Once the Paralympic Games end in mid-September, the apartments will be reconfigured to accommodate the residents and businesses of this new neighborhood.

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