Proposals for exemptions from the taxation of medical leave

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Proposals for exemptions from the taxation of medical leave

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The 10% taxation of medical leave, a measure introduced by GEO 115/2023, is contested by some leaders of the governing coalition who want to eliminate this tax for certain categories of patients, through a legislative amendment. Senator Nicoleta Pauliuc (PNL) announced, yesterday, during a debate at the Parliament, that the liberals will initiate an amendment to eliminate the 10% taxation of medical leaves.

Nicoleta Pauliuc stated: "We cannot accept that when an oncology patient gets sick, goes for treatment, the medical leave that the state gives him to support him to go on and achieve victory with this diagnosis, to be taxed ". His lordship showed that the amendment introduced by the PNL parliamentarians covers not only the oncological patient but also a series of categories, such as "maternity leave and maternal risk, for the care of the sick child".

After the liberal senator's announcement, Alexandru Rafila - the Minister of Health - declared that a solution is being sought as quickly as possible for the elimination of the 10% taxation of medical leaves, but only for oncology patients. The minister stated at Digi 24 that a simple option for amending the normative act is also an emergency ordinance.

Minister Rafila also said: "Fiscal matters in Romania and the rethinking of some fiscal measures have left the Ministry of Finance, but I don't think that oncology patients have to bear this. We had a discussion with colleagues after this tax was introduced to find a faster solution. (...) It was a general measure related to medical leave; I don't think most of the holidays are for oncology patients. They must be protected. Let's solve their problem. It is important that these medical leaves are also controlled by the House (CNAS), to see where there are exaggerations; I'm not referring to cancer patients. The House should do its duty and control how these leaves are issued".

The government decided, at the end of last year, that the Romanians who enter this year on medical leave will be charged additionally. More precisely, those who enter sick leave will pay 10% health contributions from the allowance received during this period. Only those who need time off due to a work accident or occupational disease are exempt. The percentage is applied to the gross amount of the salary, entered by the employer in the employment contract.

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