Radu Hanga obtained a new mandate as president of BVB

Andrei Iacomi
English Section / 23 noiembrie 2023

Radu Hanga obtained a new mandate as president of BVB

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"With all the pluses and minuses, I think we have made big steps forward; we hope to do more than before," said Hanga

Cristian Pascu, Daniela Secară, Şerban Marin, Loredana Chitu and Remus Vulpescu are the new names on the BVB Council

The mandate of the new board will start in January-February next year

Radu Hanga received a new four-year mandate as president of the Board of Directors of the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB), in yesterday's shareholders' meeting. Hanga was voted with 93.5% of the expressed options, respectively 72% of the share capital of our capital market operator, in a meeting whose quorum was around 83%.

Dragoş Neacşu, the other candidate aiming for the position of president of the Bucharest Stock Exchange, did not get a seat on the future BVB Board of Directors.

After yesterday's vote, the board of the exchange will be composed of: Cristian Pascu (7.2 million votes for), Daniela Secară (6.3 million votes), Şerban Marin (6.1 million votes), Loredana Chitu (5.9 million votes), Radu Hanga (5.9 million votes), Remus Vulpescu (5.8 million votes), Robert Cosmin Pană (5.2 million votes), Octavian Molnăr (4.8 million of votes) and Claudia Ionescu (3.6 million votes).

"Congratulations to those who were elected to the Board of Directors of the exchange. We also thank the current Board members. With all the pluses and minuses, I think we have made some big steps forward. The listings accelerated, the visibility of the stock exchange increased, the activity on the side of bond issues increased, the number of investors increased a lot, even if not all of them are active. From a low in 2019 of around 53,000 investors, we have reached close to 170,000 investors. Of course there are things we still have to work on", said Radu Hanga.

According to the BVB president, in the next mandate the projects started in recent years will be continued, which essentially aim to increase the visibility of the stock exchange both for companies, as a source of financing, and for investors.

"We hope to do more than before", said Radu Hanga.

In yesterday's elections, Banca Transilvania Group, Evergent Investments and Transilvania Investments imposed all four candidates, namely Daniela Secară (who was proposed by BT Asset Management), Şerban Marin (proposed by Evergent), Remus Vulpescu (proposed by Transilvania Investments) and Radu Hanga, who comes from BT. Or, this means that the four received votes from the group coordinated by Lion Capital (formerly SIF Banat-Crişana) and the pension funds.

The brokers will have two representatives on the board, namely Octavian Molnăr from IFB Finwest and Robert Pană from Swiss Capital. The rest of the members voted yesterday in the board were proposed by the banks.

Dan Paul, the president of the Association of Brokers and one of the current vice-presidents of the BVB, accumulated almost 3.5 million votes for, not enough for a new mandate in the upcoming Consulium of the operator of our capital market.

The rest of the candidates for the BVB administrator position had less than three million votes.

The members of the new Council were elected by the cumulative voting method, for a four-year term, which will start from January-February next year.

Currently, the BVB Council is composed of the president Radu Hanga, the vice-presidents Dan Paul and Robert-Cosmin Pană and the members: Claudia Ionescu, Mihaela Bîciu, Octavian Molnăr, Dragoş Neacşu, Răzvan Rat and Ştefan Szitas.

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