Reper brings to the table of the Venice Commission the ordinance regarding the consolidation of elections

English Section / 14 martie

Photo source: facebook/Ramona Strugariu

Photo source: facebook/Ramona Strugariu

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Reper representatives notified the European Commission, the Venice Commission and the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights within the OSCE about the Government's change in the electoral legislation, by emergency ordinance, three months before the European and local elections, with the aim of eliminates, in practice, the right of the newly established parties to have representatives in the polling stations, announced, yesterday, on the official Facebook page, Ramona Strugariu, co-president of the political formation formed around Dacian Cioloş.

Ms. Strugariu states that the normative act approved by the PSD-PNL governing coalition is a dangerous attack on democracy, a violation of political pluralism and a practice that we only see in illiberal regimes.

The European deputy Ramona Strugariu says: "Combining the European parliamentary elections with the local ones will cause confusion among the electorate, who must vote informed on both European and local issues. The anticipated organization of local elections, compared to the original calendar, gives the green light to political trasesism and substantially restricts the right of small parties, without resources and subsidies from the state, to organize logistically, to identify well-trained candidates in the territory and to promote them in in front of the people, at the expense of party machines and transactional practices, which have nothing to do with the public mandate".

Reper leaders state that amending the electoral legislation less than 3 months before the elections goes against the international practices and standards assumed by Romania before the Venice Commission and some European and international organizations that monitor compliance with the principles of democracy and the rule of law.

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