Rugby: a disastrous final tournament for the romanian team

English Section / 3 octombrie

Photo source: facebook/ RugbyRomania

Photo source: facebook/ RugbyRomania

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The national team achieved unprecedented underperformance at the final tournament of the Rugby World Cup. After a period of silence, the first, somewhat subdued reactions are starting to emerge from those involved in this image catastrophe. Romania received another harsh lesson at the Rugby World Cup, but if the players learn from these experiences, they can become better, said the coach of the Romanian national rugby team, Eugen Apjok, following three devastating defeats, including an 84-0 loss to Scotland. Romania had a disastrous tournament in France, losing 82-8 to Ireland, 76-0 to South Africa, and 84-0 to Scotland. Coach Apjok stated, "First and foremost, we need to learn many things from the three games we've played so far. The players need to be more professional, and they must improve their physical condition significantly. If that happens, the technical side will also improve. In the match against Scotland, I believe we were in the game for the first 20-25 minutes, but after receiving yellow cards, it became harder for us to come back, and we started to tire." Forward Adrian Motoc added to Apjok's remarks, "It was a tough match. We did our best in the first 20 minutes. Then we started to get tired, made too many mistakes, and received yellow cards. It was very difficult for the team to play with 12 men. It was an honor for us to play against the best national teams of the moment. We will try to give our best in the last match, against Tonga." Romania will play their final match of the 2023 Rugby World Cup on October 8th in Lille. The chances of the Romanian rugby leadership drawing the appropriate conclusions after this World Cup are slim, given that there has been a freefall in performance at all levels for several years, and the only concern of decision-makers is about "cosmetic" solutions. Even in these moments, there are voices making all sorts of excuses, even though the situation has no excuse.

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