The construction of the Arad - Timişoara highway could begin this month

Ziarul BURSA #English Section / 03 martie 2009

The Arad County Council recently green-lit the execution of the Arad - Timişoara highway 25.4 km segment, which belongs to the County of Arad. The chairman of the Arad County Council, Nicolae Ioţcu, said that the next step will be the beginning of the works, as soon as the weather conditions will allow it, most likely in March. Mr. Ioţcu estimates that at the end of this month, representatives of the "Astaldi - FCC Construzione" consortium, which won the auction for the execution of this project, will arrive in Romania, to begin organizing the construction site. The locations for the bases, equipment and machinery will be identified, and the constructors will discuss with the local materials suppliers. The duration of the construction works will be 24 months, with a warranty period of 24 months.

The Arad - Timişoara segment will begin at the junction of the highway with the DN 69 motorway, approximately 1 km off Arad, and will be developed east of DN 69 up to the County motorway (DJ 691) Timişoara - Lipova, where will be a road node which will provide access to the highway for traffic coming from Timişoara. The investment will amount to over 270 million Euros, of which 200 million will come from a loan from the EIB, and 70 million from the state budget. The project of the Arad - Timişoara highway includes the construction of 32 km of highway, 24 bridges and passages, a road node and two services areas.

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