The road to light

Dan Nicolaie
English Section / 29 aprilie

MAKE, personal archive

MAKE, personal archive

Versiunea în limba română

Dan Nicolaie

I am a part, without wanting it, of the choir that sings with several voices, often false, the bane of human seriousness. I am aware that I am wrong, but I let myself be carried away by the wave of dissatisfaction. The matter is simple, we are wrong in the basic settings of expectations. Between what we want and what we get there can be a chasm, if we are intelligent we build a bridge over it, if we don't jump head first.

In another life (it's the time when I asked and my parents answered, now I just ask) I convinced myself that setting expectations is very important. That's when I learned that from darkness to light is a much longer road than the other way around, full of pitfalls and trials that are difficult to anticipate.

Let's go back 15 years.

Like every year, that Easter too I wanted to have my piece of light. Do you think it's easy? Not at all considering that for two decades at the church in my village a special priest was "evolving" (he also left this world in the meantime). Guide to the limit, he juggled everything and everything, including the time at which he gave light to the parishioners. At 00.00, at 1.00, depending on his heart's desire, each time having solid arguments for the decision he was making. As the devil hides behind convenience and habit, that year I thought that the father had found his inner time, especially since for the last four years he had settled on 1.00, being a fierce opponent of daylight saving time.

Error by mistake, as the experts would say. I was going to concentrate on the road to the church, which I had started a few minutes after midnight. While I was groping in the dark, others, already enlightened, were returning to their homes. I never disarm easily. Only 4 kilometers away was a village (it is still known that it was not moved by any foreign force) where a young priest had recently been installed, who had said in the year of his priestly debut "come and get light" precisely at 1.20 am. As the believer is comfortable with the pilgrimage, I took the darkness of the field into my chest and just a few minutes before 1:00 am I was a stone's throw from the church in the neighboring village.

Dramatic failure.

Naturally for my bad luck, the young priest had decided to set his watch after the Patriarchate. The conclusion was simple, it doesn't matter what they do, what matters is what I do if I want to get something. There is no other way.

This is life, not all of us reach the light in time! It is important not to give up and blame others!