Timişoara Prepares for the Official Closing of the European Capital of Culture Program

English Section / 6 decembrie 2023

Timişoara Prepares for the Official Closing of the European Capital of Culture Program

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Timişoara is preparing for the official closing of the European Capital of Culture TM2023 Cultural Program with a series of events scheduled for December 7-10, primarily in Union Square (Baroque) and Victory/Opera Square. Organizers estimate a participation of around 25,000 people per evening at the events in Union Square and 50,000 visitors to those in Opera Square. The coordinators of the TM2024 project believe that this year has laid the foundation for the continuation of future cultural projects under the motto "Timişoara 2023. Continue. Endlessly." The coordinator of the Timişoara 2023 - European Capital of Culture Program, Ramona Laczko David, announced that all cultural operators and local communities who contributed to the implementation of this cultural program will be invited to the community-dedicated gala: "On Friday, at the Palace of Culture, we have the Gala where we have invited guests from abroad, we have the Family European Capital of Culture network, and we start with the concerts in Union Square. On Friday and Saturday, we have satellite events in spaces activated this year, such as Cinema Victoria, the Museum of Transport. (...). Expectations have been far exceeded. There were over 1,500 events, with a much more diversified typology than what was usual until now, international artists, Timişoara went to other European cultural capitals, we went to Elefsina and Veszprem, to other international cultural networks." The Timişoara Projects Center wanted to strengthen these strategic partnerships in the coming years, to continue cultural projects even after the official end of TM2023. Laczko David added: "I see TM2023 as a consolidated path, with positive results that can be built upon. Timişoara relies heavily on the visual arts (exhibitions at the National Art Museum dedicated to Victor Brauner and Constantin Brâncuşi being the most visited), there are many open spaces for the public to explore. Timişoara also relies heavily on the independent cultural layer, which has a voice in the city and it is important to continue. We have seen what the city means in terms of urban transformation, and the nursery in Victory Square was the most visible, sparking a series of debates that will bring many more green spaces to the city." Codruţa Vulcu, coordinator of major events within TM2023, detailed that during the events dedicated to the closing of the TM2023 year, the highlights in Union Square will be the concerts: "There will be big names, Jessie J, Katie Melua, Delia, or Roisin Murphy, the aerial acrobatics show of an Italian troupe, electronic music from a band in Germany. We expect a very large number of people, over 50,000 visitors in the two evenings with shows. In the central area, we are talking about traffic of at least 50,000 people per night, with the Christmas Fair, exhibitions, people come, walk around, and leave. As projects with which the cultural Timişoara will continue after TM2023, the CODRU and District23 festivals stand out, held in the TM2023 year, nominated for the European Festival Awards, which says a lot about how the cultural area in Timişoara has grown."

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