XR technology, at the Ethnographic Museum of Moldova

English Section / 27 februarie

Photo source: facebook/MEM1943

Photo source: facebook/MEM1943

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Technology has become very important to the work in modern museums. An interactive application that uses XR technology, MuzeAR, will be launched today for the valorization of the heritage exhibited in the Ethnographic Museum of Moldova at the Palace of Culture in Iasi. The manager of the Moldova National Museum Complex, Andrei Apreotesei, explained that this application developed in Iasi uses augmented reality to bring heritage objects to life and present them in a unique way. Thus, while visitors explore the museum's exhibits, they discover, with the help of AR technology, long-forgotten uses and can better understand local history and culture. By providing an interactive and personalized experience through the MuzeAR application, the technology generates increased visitor engagement, going beyond the traditional limits of the museum visit. Andrei Apreotesei, manager of the National Museum Complex "Moldova" Iaşi, said: "A contemporary museum must be competitive and, implicitly, interactive, a museum that offers the visitor an experience that he will remember years from now. It is important to understand how in which exhibits that are otherwise static once functioned. Practically, with this application, we bring back to life motionless objects, the use of which we could understand until now only with the power of imagination and which, here, now benefit from this augmented presentation. It works as a digital mediation tool with a strong educational role". Now it remains to be seen how much the number of visitors will increase with the help of this technology.

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