UN: People, the main "danger" for the planet

UN: People, the main "danger" for the planet

O.D.English Section / 7 iunie

Greed, bad decisions, wrong experiments have caused immense damage to nature. Humans, guilty of climate warming, represent the same "danger" for our planet as "the meteorite that exterminated the dinosaurs", declared the UN...

Rare fossils, discovered in play

Rare fossils, discovered in play

F.AEnglish Section / 6 iunie

Rare fossils of a juvenile Tyrannosaurus rex have been excavated in the swamplands of North Dakota - a discovery worthy of attention for the scientific knowledge it could provide about the life and history of this famous dinosaur species and for...

Photo source: facebook / ffeRomania

The capital hosts the European Film Festival

O.D.English Section / 26 aprilie

Movie lovers have a new reason to rejoice. The 28th edition of the European Film Festival (FFE) will debut in Bucharest on Europe Day, on May 9, and will end in Chisinau on June 8, during the weekend of the European Parliament elections, the...

Contemporary art: 1,500,000 lei for purchases

Contemporary art: 1,500,000 lei for purchases

O.D.English Section / 24 aprilie

The Ministry of Culture announces the granting of the total sum of 1,500,000 lei for the completion of the heritage collections administered by the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest, the Brukenthal National Museum in Sibiu and the...

Photo source: facebook/Sindicatul National Sport si Tineret

Protest rally of sports unionists

O.D.English Section / 17 aprilie

The sports unionists will take to the streets under the slogan: "We demand salaries with which we can raise our children!". The National Sports and Youth Union - SNST, a member of the PUBLISIND Federation / National Trade Union Bloc -...

Libraries and museums, closed on holidays

Libraries and museums, closed on holidays

O.D.English Section / 16 aprilie

Employees in the cultural field consider themselves discriminated against by the authorities and have decided to intensify their protests. The museographers and librarians continue their protests and will close the institutions on public...

Source: ES Composite

Vladimir Putin launched the "witch hunt"

George MarinescuEnglish Section / 29 martie

Despite the accusatory statements against Ukraine after the terrorist attack at Crocus Hall a week ago, Vladimir Putin and the FSB have not yet been able to present to the world any connection between the four ISIS terrorists and the authorities...

Heritage buildings are "crying" for help

Heritage buildings are "crying" for help

O.D.English Section / 6 martie

The Ministry of Culture has repeatedly announced that the restoration of heritage buildings is a short- and medium-term priority. In the field, however, things are still bad, and not necessarily because of the authorities. Several dozen...

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